Friday, November 3, 2023

Sweet Sin (Bellamy Brothers #2) by Helen Hardt ~ Blog Tour with Excerpt


She's his sweet sin...

Sweet Sin, an all-new tantalizing, romantic suspense, and the second book in the Bellamy Brothers series from New York Times bestselling author, Helen Hardt, is now available!

Ex-convict Falcon Bellamy served eight years for a crime he didn't commit. Once he was free, he wasted no time hopping into bed with his parole officer. She was the salve he needed to soothe the demons from his incarceration and the worry for his sister who's fighting a life-threatening disease.

But sweet Savannah Gallo has her own demons.

A member of a notorious crime family that robbed her of both her brothers, Savannah tried to leave her past behind. But a rival organization wants her, and they'll stop at nothing. Savannah knows how to fight back, but she has an Achilles' heel, and she's determined to save him from another prison sentence.

Falcon is no stranger to sacrifice. He will keep Savannah out of harm's way...and he'll plow through anyone who tries to stop him.

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Keep reading for a look inside Sweet Sin!


Savannah jerks against me in the hot tub, opening her eyes, the water swishing around us. 

“You okay, Vannah?” 

“Yeah. I’m fine. I thought I heard something.” 

“Probably just the dogs playing.” 

“Right. It’s not like I could hear anything over the whirring of the jets anyway.” 

She snuggles back into my shoulder and I hold her against me, loving the touch of her flesh on mine, until— She shoots her eyes open when Sydney barks. 

“She’s barking, Falcon.” 

“They’re just playing.” 


But it’s not a playful bark. It’s— 

I jerk away from her, standing. 

You learn to sense things on the inside. You can be alone, your eyes closed, yet you know when someone is near. Someone who means you harm. It’s a sixth sense, and you can’t make it in prison without it. 

      And now? I feel it in my fucking bones—that ache in your marrow that helped our cavemen ancestors survive in the wilderness. 

Someone’s here for me. My guns are inside the house in a safe. I’m not supposed to have firearms as a parolee, but that doesn’t matter in this moment. How the fuck do I get there, though? 

How the fuck do I protect Savannah? 

I glance to the only part of the pool house that has a lock —the changing room. She’ll be safe there, for now at least. “Savannah,” I say as quietly as I can over the hot tub. “See that door by the bar? It goes to the changing room. You go over there, slowly, close the door, and lock it.” 

“What?” she gasps. 

“Do as I say.” 


“Damn it, Savannah. Do it now.” 

She trembles as she steps out of the hot tub, walks to the bar, looking only straight ahead. She opens the door and closes it behind her. 

Please remember to lock the deadbolt. I’m too far away to hear it click over the noise. 

I exit the tub quietly, grab my jeans and stumble into them, leaving the rest. I’ve got only my fists and my wits to protect Vannah, and I don’t need the hindrance of clothes. 

My hair is dripping over my shoulders as I leave the pool area, walk into my backyard. 

Sammy runs toward me, but I have no choice but to shoo him away. Sydney stands by the fence, barking like a menace. She’s a mother protecting her pup, and right now that’s working in my favor. 

   Then I see them. Two muscled men—one blond and one dark-haired, both dressed in black—enter the backyard, both armed with pistols. 

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