Rep Codes and Affiliate Links

Here is a list of Companies and my Rep Codes for them. 

You will save a percentage each time you use my code, and I will make a small commission. 

The Affiliate Links, while they don't offer you a discount now, I will gain a small commission from each purchase you make through my links; this helps keep my page going, so I appreciate each time you use my links.

This page constantly changes, so check back often to see what new discounts I have for you. 

Probably Smut - Use Code: nbookaholic for 10% off

Javy Coffee - Use code NADINE07075 for 20% off your order. Happy Sipping!

The Ripped Bodice - The Ripped Bodice Affiliate

Amazon - Associate Link

Thank you for using my links. I truly appreciate it. 

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