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Bottle Rocket (So Over the Holidays #3) by Erin McLellan ~ Release Blitz with Author Q&A, Excerpt, and GIVEAWAY

Release Blitz for

Bottle Rocket by Erin McLellan

Series: So Over the Holidays #3

Publisher: self (Erin McLellan)

Release Date:

Ebook - June 15, 2020

Paperback - TBD

Length: 45k words

Subgenre: contemporary romance, erotic romance, holiday romance

Warnings: explicit sex and language; discussions of cheating, gaslighting, and divorce. For more info -

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Book blurb:

Freshly single Rosie Holiday is on the hunt for passion and excitement. This leads her to Leo Whittaker—a bad boy who waltzed out of town, and her life, thirteen years ago. Leo isn’t the type to stick around, but Rosie’s not going to let a no-strings opportunity pass her by.

When a business trip sends Leo back to his hometown, the last thing he expects is for his first love to hand him a list of scorching-hot escapades and a deadline. He’s happy to help Rosie discover her bossy side in the bedroom. Or in a fireworks stand. Or at a Fourth of July barbecue.

Their chemistry burns bright and fast, but what tore them apart years ago is still between them. They are polar opposites. A reserved kindergarten teacher and an irreverent artist. A nester and a wanderer. It will take a spark of imagination and a lot of love to keep their second-chance romance from flaming out.

Praise for Bottle Rocket:

“Bottle Rocket is the perfect Fourth of July read since it will have you hot and seeing fireworks. Erin McLellan is a master of the fun, deliciously dirty and heartfelt story. This reunion, second chance romance with a sexually dominant heroine and submissive hero sets the pages on fire with kink, but also warms the heart with fun, sweet and completely relatable characters who not only find one another again, but also discover more about themselves. The Summer of Rosie is a journey every woman would want to take!”

—Naima Simone, USA Today Bestselling author

"Scorching hot! BOTTLE ROCKET is a story of sexual awakening that fed my femdom fantasies."

—New York Times bestselling author, Skye Warren

"Erin McLellan delivers again! This sexy, fun, LGBTQ, sex-positive series continues with another great installment! I loved the banter between the hero and heroine, loved the fast pace, and McLellan's trademark humor and great characterization. This is a solid homerun for me!" Annabeth Albert, author of the Hotshots series

Erin McLellan does it again with a sexy, Independence Day-themed romp that features a freshly single heroine finding her independence and feisty side with the high school sweetheart who got away. You’ll be cheering for Rosie, Leo, and their summer of love as they get a second chance at happily ever after, fireworks included.

—Layla Reyne, author of Dine With Me and the Agents Irish & Whiskey and Fog City series

Release Blitz Excerpt:

The snow cone stand was in the lot of a local park. When Leo had last been in this area, there was rusty playground equipment and not much else, but now it was a gorgeous space with a large walking-trail system. There were a few picnic tables close by under a huge cottonwood. The differences thirteen years could make.

They made it to the front of the line, and Leo was pummeled by a memory. 

“Rosie,” he said, his voice low and urgent.


“Can I order for you?”

“Only if I get to return the favor.”

“You’re on.”

He stepped up to the open window of the stand. The worker popped her gum and gave them a bored hello.
“A medium sour-cherry snow cone, please,” he said.

Rosie nudged his shoulder with her own, which he took as a win.

Sour-cherry snow cones had been their thing. They’d eaten them constantly that last summer they’d spent together. They’d been sharing a sour-cherry snow cone the first time they’d fooled around. He’d gone down on her that night and discovered the miracle of oral sex. Thinking about it sent a sense memory to his taste buds. Sour cherry and Rosie’s distinctly beachy flavor on the back of his tongue. He’d never forget that moment. He enjoyed fuck clubs and sex parties and drew erotic art of his friends and had slept with a hugely diverse array of people in his life, but those first experiences with Rosie were special in a way very few had been since. 

He wondered if she tasted the same. 

He needed to get control before he threw himself at her feet. He didn’t have a love life currently. He had a sex life. It wasn’t fair to start a fling with Rosie if she didn’t understand the reasons for that.

He wondered what sour-cherry memory was in the back of her mind. The last time they’d seen each other, the night before he’d driven to California, she’d finished his snow cone and kissed him until their mouths were sore. He’d never said the word goodbye. He’d just left with the taste of her on his lips.

Nadine Bookaholic: What authors have influenced the way you write?

Erin McLellan: As a reader, I find myself gravitating toward authors with a strong voice who write higher heat. Reading authors like Alisha Rai, Alexis Hall, and Rebekah Weatherspoon, who all write romance that is uniquely their voice, uniquely them, has given me the confidence to write my fluffy, low-angst queer erotic romance.

I reread Alisha Rai when I’m struggling to get emotions or chemistry on the page. Gentleman in the Street is probably my all-time favorite book. 


Alexis Hall is one of the best writers out there. His voice and his characters’ voices are unparalleled. I think he does first person better than just about anyone.


And I study Rebekah Weatherspoon’s stories because her plots and emotional arcs are so strong. She can deftly intertwine serious topics, sweetness, drama, tropeyness, and high heat in a way that completely sucks me in. 

Nadine Bookaholic: When sitting down to write a new book you have a specific outline to follow or does it just flow naturally?

Erin McLellan: I don’t usually write from an outline, which causes me problems quite often. I’m a pantser, meaning I write from the seat of my pants, rather than a plotter. But, because of that, I often have to begin again and scrap large chunks that aren’t working. Once I get going, though, I’d say it flows naturally. 


Nadine Bookaholic: Can you tell us about your upcoming book?

Erin McLellan: Of course! Bottle Rocket is a queer m/f erotic romance between Rosie, a buttoned-up kindergarten teacher, and Leo, an irreverent erotic artist. Thirteen years after breaking up as teenagers they reconnect for a no-strings summer fling. It has second chances, opposites attract, a bisexual hero, a sex checklist, some femdom scenes, summer vibes, a large queer cast, and lots of fireworks. It’s high heat and low angst!


Nadine Bookaholic: What do you like to do when you aren't writing?

Erin McLellan: Lately, I’ve been sewing a lot--masks, a quilt, a picnic blanket--and working on house projects and in my garden. I live in Alaska and we’ve had awesome weather, so I’ve done a lot of hiking, biking, and camping. It’s nice to be able to safely get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful weather and scenery.

Nadine Bookaholic: How did you come up with the concept and the characters for the story?

Erin McLellan: Every book in the So Over the Holidays series is a holiday book, and I’ve wanted to write a story based around a fireworks stand for a long time. I grew up working in fireworks stands, and I have lots of fond, fun memories of it. So that’s how this Independence Day novella came about! Even though the fireworks stand isn’t integral to the plot, there are still a few scenes there. It was a lot of fun to write a book that was very summery. I thought about the things I love to do in the summer-- snow cones and barbecues and swimming and Farmer’s Markets--and sprinkled those in.

In terms of the characters, I wanted the heroine, Rosie, to be a bit reserved and closed off, and for the hero, Leo, to be the opposite! From there, Rosie’s story became about having the freedom and independence to open up and live her authentic life. 

I have been enjoying this series but I must admit this was my favorite book in the series. This Erotic Romance Series revolves around different holidays and in this one we celebrate July 4th, Independence Day, which is the perfect time for newly divorced Rosie Holiday to get back out and start dating again...only it doesn't happen as anyone would have thought.

Imagine taking an art class and unknowingly you were sitting in on the wrong class, no big deal right it happens, now imagine sitting in on the class and not only being surprised because there is a live nude model right in front of you and not a still life as you had expected, but, that nude model is your ex-boyfriend that you haven't seen in over a decade. YIKES or YUM? which would it be? Well, why not a little bit of both once you get over the initial shock of it all.

Rosie and Leo have great chemistry together and what makes it even hotter is that Leo is Bi-Sexual and Rosie is open to trying new things...hello fun times! I don't want to ruin an surprises for you but lets just say that there is a TON of different types of play going on and it was totally HAWT!!!

SO OVER THE HOLIDAYS series in my opinion should be read in the order they were released because it follows three siblings and it will ruin the surprise of the other relationships for you, but each book  can totally be read as a standalone if that is the way you choose to read them because each is a self contained story revolving around one couple with no cliffhanger. 

Happy Reading!!!

About the author:

Erin McLellan is the author of the Farm College, So Over the Holidays, and Storm Chasers series. She enjoys writing happily ever afters that are earthy, emotional, quirky, humorous, and very sexy. Originally from Oklahoma, she currently lives in Alaska and spends her time dreaming up queer contemporary romances set in the Great Plains. She is a lover of chocolate, college sports, antiquing, Dr Pepper, and binge-worthy TV shows.

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