Monday, June 19, 2017

Messing with Miki (Playing for Love #5) by Tara Crescent (Review)

Messing with Miki 

(Playing for Love #5)


They’re my bosses, and I’ve been hired to destroy them.

Men are not to be trusted.

My father cheated on my mother. My ex-husband cheated on me.

I won’t let it happen again.

No more guys. From now on, all I care about is work.

Then I meet my two new bosses. My two wickedly hot, good-looking new bosses. Finn Sanders and Oliver Prescott.

Brilliant. Charming. Rich. Successful. And oh-so dangerous.

I’ve been hired to hack into their systems and destroy their company.

Not a problem. I can do this. I have skills. Resources. And I’m definitely immune to Oliver and Finn. I’m not attracted to their brooding intensity. I can resist the fire in their eyes. I can ignore this pull I feel toward them…

Then they find out who I am and why I’m working for them.

And it turns out that Finn and Oliver have a few secrets of their own…

Note: Messing with Miki is a full-length MFM ménage romance that is all about the woman. HEA guaranteed! No cliffhangers.

When Finn, Miki, and Oliver, are together you can feel the sexual tension through the pages and when they finally get together WOW! The sexual chemistry is just one part of the attraction, they actually have a great friendship budding between the three of them, and, the way they work together to figure out who is behind all of the trouble Oliver has been having is great.

I am sad to see this series ending but I know Tara Crescent has other great books in store for us. If you haven't read any of the Playing for Love series I suggest you start with the first book and read them in order that way you will get to know each of the women and the men that love them.


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