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The Truth About Us (Impossibly Possible #2) by Claudia Y. Burgoa ~ Blog Tour with Excerpt

The truth is that tragedy will always break your heart.

The Truth About Us, an all-new gut-wrenching, friends-to-lovers, billionaire romance and the final book in the Impossibly Possible Duet from USA Today bestselling author Claudia Burgoa is now available!

Every night, I find myself caught between dreams and wakefulness.

Yearning for a past that slips through my fingers.

Each night, whisper prayers into the darkness.

Longing for just one kiss, one more touch . . .

Longing for her.

Maybe forever is a lie.

The truth is that tragedy will always break your heart.

But maybe, this time, I can build something greater out of tragedy.

Maybe . . . just maybe love isn’t as lost as I once thought.

And maybe forever might still happen to me.

The final book in the Impossible Possible duet examines grief, loss, and ultimate love put to the test. 

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      In the silent hours of the night, under the gentle glow of the moon, I lie awake, my heart filled with a deep sense of longing and loss. My dreams weave together the words of a prayer, a melody that blurs the lines between being awake and asleep.

      Each night, as I close my eyes, I enter a realm painted with the colors of memories and desires. “I pray that my eyes awaken with the light of your gaze,” I whisper softly. 

      In this world, my wife’s eyes shine like stars, guiding me through the darkness of my grief.

      I dream of days filled with laughter and nights enveloped in the warmth of shared dreams. In these dreams, I pray that you stay by my side and never leave me, my love.

      I plead into the night.

      In these dreams, she is there, as real as the ache in my heart.

      Yet, each dream reminds me of the moment that broke my world. The dreams are a harsh contradiction, offering glimpses of a love that remains just out of reach.

      As dawn nears, my dreams shift, creating visions of a future that might have been. I see children playing in the sunlight, their laughter filling a home brimming with love—a love I had hoped to share with her. 

      I pray for our children. 

      I pray for her heart.

      I pray for us.

      But as the first light of morning filters through the curtains, reality gradually returns. I wake up to a world that seems murkier, a life that feels incomplete. Yet, in the quiet moments of awakening, I cling “to the dreams, the prayers, and the love that keeps her memory alive in my heart.

      I pray for one more second of life to give to her and my whole heart to surrender. I promise as I rise to face the day. In my heart, I know that every heartbeat, every breath, is a tribute to the love we shared—a love that, even when I pretend it never existed, remains strong.

      And so, I navigate the delicate balance between reality and dreams, carrying within me a prayer that transcends time and space. 

      And if I die, let it be of love, knowing that in the end, it is love that infuses everything with meaning—love that will guide me through the darkest nights and into the light of a new day.

For more information about Claudia Burgoa and her books, visit her website: https://claudiayburgoa.com/wp/

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