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Rock Chick Rematch (Rock Chick, #9.5) by Kristen Ashley ~ Book Review with Excerpt


Life cut him down, she remained.

Rock Chick Rematch, a Rock Chick novella from New York Times bestselling author Kristen Ashley is now live!

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kristen Ashley brings a new story in her Rock Chick series…

In high school, Malia Clark found the man of her dreams.

Darius Tucker.

But life hits them full in the face way before it ever should. Darius makes a drastic decision to keep his family safe and Malia leaves town with a secret.

When Malia returns, she seeks Darius to share all, but Darius finds out before she can tell him. At the same time, she finds out just how much Darius has changed in the years she’s been away.

She just refuses to give up on him.

Until he forces her hand.

Secrets come between Malia and Darius, at the same time Malia has to worry about weird things going on at the law firm where she works, her kid wants a car and she’s stuck in slow-cooker hell. Luckily, her ride or dies have her back.
And in the meantime, she might just learn she never should have lost hope in Darius Tucker.

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Keep reading for a look inside Rock Chick Rematch!

I’d wanted to be a lawyer.
But life was tough with a curious two-year-old, even if my mom and dad and sister and all the aunties and uncles and cousins pitched in to help me out.
I needed to keep my nose clean.
And I needed to stay away from Darius Tucker.
Everyone told me he’d turned to the dark side.
However, I thought it was time. It was time he shook himself out of this garbage.
It was time he learned he had a child and had to step up.
It was time three years ago, but I’d been young and scared and hurt, so I’d made an emotional decision and my parents had stepped in to support and protect me.
Off I went to Fort Collins.
Now I was back.
So, yeah.
It was time.

I devoured this baby in one afternoon, I LOVED being back in the Rock Chick World.

If you have read any of the Rock Chick Series you'll remember Darius Tucker, he's one of the Hot Bunch that works for Nightingale Security and is Shirleen's nephew, well Kristen Ashley has finally given us his story! I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. Darius and Malia's story has so many twists and turns you'll want to buckle up for this ride but I promise it is worth every bump in the road.

We start off with Malia and Darius in High School, this is pre Rock Chick but the core gang is there, we get to see how things played out from when they were high school sweethearts (16/17 years old) thru present day. This book runs parallel to the Rock Chick Series and while many will read it as a standalone I highly recommend reading it after you have read the series, that way there are no spoilers for the other couples and some of the things that happened in their stories.

Darius has always been a mysterious person he comes off as a morally grey character but the more you get to see the real him the more you realize he's less grey and absolutely golden. Would I go as far as calling him a cinnamon roll? Probably not but he has the best qualities of one while he is as dangerous as a morally grey alpha male can be too. Does that even make sense? Well, read the book and tell me if you agree with my assessment of him.  😉

Rock Chick Rematch has set up Ms. Ashley's next series rather nicely, I am looking forward to reading AVENGING ANGEL, the first book in her new series which is set to release on April 2, 2024 This series will be taking place in Phoenix, AZ with the Nightingale Investigations & Security crew opening a new branch there. Are you ready for a new crew of Badass women and the men that love them? I am!

I recommend this series to lovers of the Rock Chick Series, and those who enjoy Romantic Suspense, Second Chance At Love, Soulmate Romances, or Contemporary Romances.

Happy Reading!!!

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