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Good Time Boyfriend (First Time, #1) by Carrie Ann Ryan ~ Book Review with Excerpt


I want to be more than a good time, but I know what I’m good for.

Good Time Boyfriend, an all-new fake dating, forced proximity romance, and the first book in the First Time Series from New York Times bestselling author Carrie Ann Ryan is now available!

Devney needs a fake boyfriend for the night and I’m all too eager to play along.

But when the sun rises, reality settles in and I know I want more. Only I don’t think she’s ready for what I have to give.

I want to be more than a good time, but I know what I’m good for. I need control. And she’s far too innocent.

When one fake date with Heath turns into two, our relationship becomes all too real. Hard. Fast. And everything I didn't realize I needed.

But I don't know how to tell him I want it all.

Even when the world comes crashing back into focus all too soon.

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Keep reading for a look inside Good Time Boyfriend!

The early shift was nice, because you got tourists and some regulars, and nobody was loud and obnoxious yet. That always made me happy. 

By the time seven o’clock rolled around however, the din started to grow, the noise unending. I didn’t mind it though, I wouldn’t have opened a bar if I hated it. I liked getting to know people, to hear their problems and act as if I knew what I was doing. 

I didn’t always, but I could pretend. 

“Hey, whatever happened with that woman?” Ace asked as I worked on a martini, straight-up, extra cold, with a twist. 

I frowned before I remembered, I knew exactly what he was talking about. “I don’t even know her name. She was just here on our opening night, and she was gorgeous. Not quite sure why you brought her up?” 

“Because you have talked to at least twenty gorgeous women tonight, all of them hitting on you, and you haven’t done a thing about it.” 

“You know I don’t hit back. This is a job. Not a stomping ground.” 

“So you say.” 

“You met Grace in a grocery store, both of you trying to find an organic cereal from your list, and you reached it for her because she couldn’t. That’s a meet-cute. At a bar? Not so much.” 

“Look at you, knowing the phrase ‘meet-cute.’” 

“Greer has me reading romance novels. I like them. Didn’t think I would, but I do.” 

The guy at the bar snickered but I ignored him. He wasn’t going to tip me anyway. He had been in before and he never did. 

“True, but I was just thinking about the last time your heart did that little pitter-patter thing.” 

“Pitter-patter? Maybe you need to be reading those novels.” 

“Grace would probably like it. I could learn a thing or two.” 

“Or seven,” the woman at the end of the bar said as she sipped her old-fashioned, before waving and turning to talk to her girlfriend. 

“Okay, so I know what I’m reading next. Or should I ask Greer?” 

“Take a look at my ereader later. You’ll see what you need.” 

“That’s good. Now I have to get back to the bachelorette party. Pray for me.” 

I rolled my eyes as I handed over my next drink and got back to work. 

“Hey, are you Heath?” a deep voice asked. 

The bar began to quiet down a bit and I frowned before I looked at the group of people on the other side of the bar. They all had dark hair, dark eyes, and fair white skin. And if they hadn’t been cut from the same cloth, I wasn’t a very good bartender. So, they had to be siblings. And the way they were frowning at me had me a little worried. 

I had never seen these people before. I might not be the best at names, but I was damn good at faces. 

“I am. Is there something I can do for you guys?”

“Yeah,” one of the men said. All three women and two men were glaring at me, arms folded over their chest. Hell, this wasn’t going to go well. “You can tell us why you dumped our baby sister,” the man continued. 

The bar got quiet, and I just stood there wondering who the hell these people were. 

They had called me by name, so they weren’t confusing me with my twin, unless August had used my name in a relationship? No, we had never done that, had always found it skeevy. What was going on? 

“You broke our baby sister’s heart. After a year of being together. You just dump her and walk away and say no hard feelings? And you wouldn’t even meet us throughout your whole relationship. What are you hiding?” one of the women asked. 

Before I could say anything, and before Ace could rush over and help out, another woman ran in, eyes wide, hair fluttering behind her. 

I blinked because I knew this face. I knew her

Long, wavy blond hair, high cheekbones, plump lips, and a body a man would die for. This was the woman that my heart went pitter-patter for. And I didn’t even know her fucking name. 

It was as if Ace had conjured her. 

She ran in, arms outstretched, and stood between me and the five people who were staring me down. 

“I’m so sorry. This is all a mistake,” she pleaded to me before she whirled on them. “Why the hell are you guys here?” 

These were her siblings? I didn’t even know her name and, apparently, I had dumped her. 

“He hurt you. Did you think we were just going to walk away? You’re our baby sister.” 

She looked nothing like the others, but then again, most siblings didn’t look like replicas like mine. 

“And that gives you the right to come into his place of business and badger him? You’re embarrassing me.” 

She hadn’t denied it though. Hadn’t denied we had been in a relationship that I didn’t remember. 

“Um, excuse me?” I began, but one of the siblings just waved me off. 

Well, that was going to get annoying soon. 

“He hurt you. Of course, we’re going to protect you, Devney.” 

Devney. Her name was Devney. 

She looked over her shoulder at me, and the pain in her eyes hit me like a punch to the chest. Well hell. I now knew her name, and I knew she had to be in some predicament that she was going to explain to me later. But for now, I could at least help her get rid of that pain in her eyes. 

I leaned forward and sighed. “I’m so sorry, Devney. So damn sorry.” 

She blinked at me, confusion in her gaze, then all hell broke loose behind her.

Heath Cassidy and his brothers have relocated to Denver to be closer to their sister Greer, her HEA was in BEST FRIEND TEMPTATION. During the past year he has opened a Bar with his buddy Ace and he is making strides at getting closer with his sister. Being the oldest of the siblings he feels that it is his responsibility to protect each of them and while he wasn't able to do so when he was younger he refuses to fail them now.

Being the middle child of eleven kids is not the easiest of things to handle so when her older five siblings want to set her up on dates Devney Womack knows she needs to do something, so she tells them that she's dating Heath the hot bartender at ‘Lost and Found’ that she met briefly when the bar opened. Fast forward a year and let the fun begin.

This story was fun to read, I love a good fake relationship that turns into more and that is exactly what we have here. There is some family drama on both sides but nothing that is over the top, and it is quickly resolved. Carrie Ann Ryan starts the First Time Series with a story that will have you pulling for the couple right from the very beginning. The chemistry between Heath and Devney was amazing, you felt it come alive when they were in a room together. 

I recommend this book to readers that enjoy Steamy New Adult Contemporary Romances, Love At First Sight (or close to it) Romances, Fake Relationship Romances, or Large Family Sagas.

Happy Reading!!!

**I have voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book for my Blog, Nadine's Obsessed with Books**

For more information about Carrie Ann Ryan and her books, visit her website:  https://carrieannryan.com

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