Friday, December 3, 2021

At Her Service (Mistresses of the Board Room #2) by Joey W. Hill ~ Book Review


Two Dominants. One a Navy SEAL. One a Mistress facing a hell she can't escape.

Luckily, hell is just another day at the office for a SEAL…
At Her Service, an all new complex and emotional erotic romance from award winning author Joey W. Hill is available now!

Abigail Rose is CFO for Thomas Rose Associates, a successful New Orleans marketing firm she runs with her best friend Rosalinda Thomas, and their three fellow executives, Cyn, Vera and Skye.

Since all five are Dommes, they work and play together. However, Abby has lived with the threat of a severe mental illness for most of her life, and now the monster has come out of the shadows. Everything that defines her–including her control as a Mistress–is shattering.

Neil Shepherd is so calm under pressure, his SEAL teammates know he'll hold the line, no matter what goes down on a mission. At home, he finds his peace navigating the waters of the Louisiana bayou. As a Dom himself, he shouldn’t be attracted to Abby, but Fate doesn’t consult the power exchange playbook when it comes to who is meant to be together. From the first time they meet, he knows he wants her.

Even the shadows that are trying to claim her won’t stop him.

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My head actually hurts from all of the emotions I’ve felt while reading this book. You ever get like that, from all the emotions you try to hold but they just have to bust through because you're feeling as if you are right there with the characters you're reading about and feeling everything they are going through? Well, that's what happened with me while reading At Her Service, which is why I only read one book at a time because I want to feel all the feels while reading each story. Neil and Abby’s story will take you on an emotional journey and you can only hope there’s a HEA at the end because as in life, nothing is guaranteed.

Neil has been trying to get Abby to go out with him for a while but she shoots him down constantly, we all believe it's because she's a Domme and he's a Dom but it's so much more than that. Life has thrown a wrench in Abby's plans and now she needs to make some changes, and those changes do not include the good looking Navy SEAL, but will he stand by and do nothing or will he fight for the woman he wants?

I am fairly new to Joey W. Hill's books, in fact the first one I read by her was At Her Command, the first book in the Mistresses of the Board Room Series, and I have to say that I really love the way she writes because she pulls you in right from the very first page and doesn't let you go, even after you finish the just stays with you. I have a feeling I will be recommending this book for a long time, because this isn't your typical BDSM story, not even close. 

If you enjoy BDSM Romances I highly recommend not only this book but this series to you.

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About Joey W. Hill

Joey W. Hill writes about vampires, mermaids, boardroom executives, cops, witches, angels, simple housemaids . . . pretty much wherever inspiration takes her. She's penned over forty acclaimed titles and six award-winning series, and been awarded the RT Book Reviews Career Achievement Award for Erotica. But she's especially proud and humbled to have won the support and enthusiasm of a wonderful, widely diverse readership.

So why erotic romance? “Writing great erotic romance is all about exploring the true face of who we are – the best and worst - which typically comes out in the most vulnerable moments of sexual intimacy.” She has earned a reputation for writing BDSM romance that not only wins her fans of that genre, but readers who would “never” read BDSM romance. She believes that's because strong, compelling characters are the most important part of her books.

“Whatever genre you’re writing, if the characters are captivating and sympathetic, the readers are going to want to see what happens to them. That was the defining element of the romances I loved most and which shaped my own writing. Bringing characters together who have numerous emotional obstacles standing in their way, watching them reach a soul-deep understanding of one another through the expression of their darkest sexual needs, and then growing from that understanding into love - that's the kind of story I love to write."

Take the plunge with her, and don't hesitate to let her know what you think of her work, good or bad. She thrives on feedback!

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