Thursday, July 15, 2021

Misadventures with a Lawyer by Julie Morgan ~ Book Review


In the court of love, will either of them object?

Legendary lawyer Chase Newstrom is as famous in court as he is with the ladies. His work-hard, play-harder mindset is why he’s never lost a case…or lacked a model on his arm. But a recent twist before the bench threatens to derail his perfect record.

Chase turns to junior associate Ainsley Speire to solve his case’s problems after hours so he can gallivant around town with yet another lady friend, and Ainsley, despite being driven and focused, is none too pleased with her boss’s demands. She’s had to cancel long-standing plans at the last minute, again…and vows it’s for the last time.

Ainsley sits down with Chase’s most expensive scotch in one hand and fancy pen in the other and pours it all out, literally and figuratively. When Chase finds the note—and a passed-out Ainsley—he’s intrigued. Perhaps there’s more to the soft-spoken Ms. Speire than he thought.

Ainsley wakes to Chase’s trademark cocky grin, and Chase sees a new spark in Ainsley’s eyes. Anything between them would be an HR nightmare, but is there a chance Chase and Ainsley are willing to work together on one more case? A case that promises a lifetime sentence of love?

If you are looking for a Steamy Contemporary Romance that will have you Laughing Out Loud then look no further because Chase and Ainsley will satisfy your craving!

Julie Morgan is a new to me author so I wasn't sure what to expect going in but I had read other books in the Misadventures World and really enjoyed them so I was a bit excited and hopeful that I would not only enjoy the book but hopefully find another author I enjoyed reading...and that is exactly what happened.

Chase Newstrom is a well know defense attorney an is usually hired on cases that others would deem hard to win, but Chase only takes on cases for those that he believes are innocent. Don't you just love that, I totally do! So when his client is accused of a heinous crime and the prosecution says they have a witness to corroborate the accusers story, well that just doesn't sit well with Chase.

Ainsley Spiere is set to have the weekend off of work to celebrate with her friends as one of them is having a big day. Then she receives word that she has to work and NO isn't an option for her, I'd be even more pissed than she was honestly but she took it in stride and let it all out after downing a bottle of scotch. LOL

I loved Ainsley and Chase together both in and out of the courtroom. They had great chemistry as work partners and it revved up the sexual chemistry.

If you enjoy Steamy Contemporary Office Romances this one is for you. This is a perfect afternoon read, so grab some hot coco....I'd stay away from the liquor until after you've read the story...curl up under your favorite blanket and dive in. If you like audiobooks, I would recommend listening to this one, the narration by Natalie Eaton and Troy Duran was excellent, you will not be disappointed.

Happy Reading!!!

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