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Cinnamon Roll (Bold Brew #9) by Anna Zabo ~ Book Review with Excerpt


Cinnamon Roll (Bold Brew #9) by Anna Zabo

This cinnamon roll has plenty of bite!

Maxime Demers has had an eye on Tom Cedric for a while, watching him flit from one awful man to another. So when Tom pins an ad to the community cork board at Bold Brew, Max can’t resist reading it. Tom’s looking for a play partner—someone who’s not a jerk—and Max knows he could give Tom what he needs. But first he’ll have to get the man to talk to him.

Tom Cedric thinks Max is way out of his league. He’s handsome, intelligent, speaks a billion languages, and can make a person kneel with a single look—too damn good for someone like Tom. But he can’t resist the temptation to talk to the man he’s had a crush on since the moment he laid eyes on him.

The connection between them is immediate, hot, and tempting, and when Max needs a replacement helper for an impact demo he’s giving, Tom jumps at the chance. A demo should be safe, right? A few hours. Clothing on. No stakes. Neither man is prepared when that spark ignites, and Tom is absolutely unprepared to discover the sweet man behind those dominating looks.

Cinnamon Roll is a stand-alone novel in the Bold Brew shared universe, centered around an inclusive coffee shop in a fictional small city. Each steaming hot coffee shop romance can be enjoyed alone, but collect all ten for the most fun!

This twist on a second-chance romance is 90,000-word cup of steaming hot scenes, a dusting of angst, plenty of fluff, and a guaranteed happy ending!


“That was thrilling and terrifying. You did what you wanted, and—fuck, I can’t even describe it. You also did what I wanted.” Tom’s brown eyes were peering at Max again. “That’s what I want. More of that. Push me.”

“It’ll come with the price of me taking care of you,” Max said. “Like last night. Aftercare. Consent. All of that.”

Tom’s voice got husky. “Yeah, I know. I want that, too. Maybe you’re right. I deserve someone who respects me.”

Max rose—he couldn’t stop himself—and had Tom’s face in his hands. “You do. And I’ll do my best.”

Tom hiccupped a laugh. “Is this where you kiss me?”

Rather than answer, Max took Tom’s mouth with his own, and gently tangled their tongues until Tom gave a sweet little longing moan. He tasted of coffee and need. A moment later, Tom’s hands were in Max’s hair, fingers scraping against his scalp.

Felt good. Real. As if Tom needed to be part of the kiss and not just consumed by it. Max lowered himself onto Tom’s lap, and wrapped his arms around him.

Tom spoke against his lips. “Well, that’s a first. A Dom in my lap.”

“Get used to firsts, Mr. Cedric.” Max brushed his lips, then nibbled his neck. “I’m going to give you as many as I can.”

Another groan. “How is it you can get me hard with just words?”

Max bit Tom’s shoulder, strong enough to make him hiss. “Not just words.”

I met Tom and Max in L.A. Witt's contribution to the series, EXTRA WHIP, and I couldn't wait to get their story. Tom and Aaron are partners at their law firm, Cedric and Taylor, and Max and Will both work at L.U. so they are friends as well. It was great seeing not only Aaron and Will but also their third Kelly pop up in this book. 

Tom Cedric hasn't had luck with any of the Dom's he's played with and has always felt a bit of his self respect chip away after each encounter so he decides it's time to find someone that treats him better and puts an ad up at Bold Brew.

Maxime Demers is the hottie professor at LU that everyone drools over but for some reason he can't get Tom to talk to him much less look at him, well that was until he saw the ad he posted....

Max and Tom are great together, I loved the way Max helped Tom with his insecurities and Tom also did a lot for Max as well. Their chemistry was great and their scenes were stellar! I will admit to checking Urban Dictionary to see what "Cinnamon Roll" meant when it was mentioned because I haven't heard the term before  (when I pre-ordered this book I actually thought one of them was going to be a baker...yes you can laugh at me because I am doing it myself right now) but now that I know what it means I will agree Max is a total Cinnamon Roll. 

Anna Zabo is another new to me author, Bold Brew has definitely given me so many new authors to add to my list of authors to look for and Anna Zabo is absolutely being added to that list. Each book in this series can be read as a standalone so no worries if you haven't read L.A. Witt's book yet but I highly recommend each book in this series because they have all been great reads! 

If you enjoy MM Romances or BDSM Romances I would recommend this book to you.

Happy Reading!!!

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