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Then He Happened

By Claudia Burgoa

Release Date: May 8, 2019


Jason is a cynical rich playboy.
He doesn’t take life seriously.
He doesn’t believe in settling down.

Eileen's twenty-seventh birthday is almost here.
But as always she's an afterthought in her parent’s minds.
Her family is too busy planning a shotgun wedding for her older sister to pay attention to her. And now she has to help.
It’s just another year where she’s overlooked.

But the best man is smoking hot.
He actually notices her, and makes her feel special.

Jason doesn’t believe in commitment, but Eileen intrigues him.

She’s not the kind of girl he usually hooks up with.
She doesn’t even fall for his charm.

He’s made it his mission to convince her that he’s not the shallow man she thinks he is.

But can Jason give up his playboy lifestyle to become the man Eileen needs?

Jason and Eileen are thrown together to put together a wedding for his cousin (Marek) and her sister (Charlie), they grow closer during this time and the sparks start flying. 

I met Jason Spearman when I read his brother Jack's book, Maybe Later, there was something about him then that let me know he was hurt beyond repair but that was before he met Eileen. Poor Eileen, she really drew the short straw when it came to family. She is the middle child which is constantly neglected and overshadowed by her older sister and she is blamed for everything that goes wrong in the family. I mean seriously how can one person have all the power to cause every bad thing that happens to the family? THEY CAN'T, yet she is the one that gets blamed for it and is told to make things right again and again and again. YIKES! If I was her I would have taken off years ago and cut them all loose.

This is a slow burn romance there is no insta-love here which was nice, yes they found one another attractive but they grew to become friends and then more. If you enjoyed the Romantic Comedies Sixteen Candles and 27 Dresses this story is perfect for you, it has all the fun and charm each of those did as well as two characters you can't help but root for. Happy Reading!!!

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Claudia is an award-winning, international bestselling author. She lives in Colorado, working for a small IT. She has three children and manages a chaotic household of two confused dogs, and a wonderful husband who shares her love of all things geek. To survive she works continually to find purpose for the voices flitting through her head, plus she consumes high quantities of chocolate to keep the last threads of sanity intact.

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