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Dude, Interrupted
(G-Man, Next Generation #2)
by Andrea Smith

Bryce Slater is eighteen. He parties a bit. Smokes a little dope now and then. Likes the occasional random hook-up. So what? He's young, reckless and determined NOT to follow in his father's FBI footsteps. That's right, Slate's son is NOT a chip off the old block, much to his father's chagrin.

When a spring break party is busted in his senior year of high school, Bryce finds himself in a bit of trouble with the law. That's when his father steps in and uses his clout for damage control. Bryce is sent to work on a horse ranch right after graduation in order to pay off his debt, and to learn responsibility at the very lowest level.

Enter Avery Sinclair, the 19 year old middle daughter of Circuit Court Judge Trey Sinclair (The Maybe Baby Series!) Avery is managing the ranch over the summer, and finds herself in the position of being Bryce's boss. No easy task, and Bryce does his best to test her limits and push all the wrong buttons.

But when dealing with a bad boy, sometimes a girl's better judgement takes a snooze. And Avery Sinclair finds herself in unfamiliar emotional territory when it comes to Bryce.

If you have read the original G-Man series you'll remember Slate and Samantha from Diamond Girl, Bryce is their eldest son. Avery is the daughter of Judge Trey Sinclair from Maybe Baby, I have not read this series but it did not take anything away from the story. I appreciate that we are getting to know the next generation of couples we have met previously but I really appreciate the fact that you do not have to read the prior books in order to enjoy this one.

This was a good addition to the series, at the very beginning I didn't like Bryce there was just something about his attitude that rubbed me the wrong way but he quickly grew on me. Especially after his parent invoked some tough love on him and sent him away to work on a ranch in order to pay them back for bailing him out of jail after the police raided a party he was at, once he adjusted his attitude - yeah that's when I really started to like him.

I really enjoyed the slow pace of the relationship growth between Bryce and Avery. Although they were attracted to one another they didn't rush into anything other than a friendship at first. Avery was the one Bryce reported to for work, and although they did have a boss/employee relationship it never came into play and was definitely not something I would consider taboo. Things didn't go smoothly for them, but honestly anything worth having is worth fighting for.

I am really enjoying getting to know the next generation of G-Men and I look forward to seeing who gets his HEA next.

About the Author:

USA Today and Top 100 Amazon Bestselling author Andrea Smith has a wicked sense of humor. No matter the genre, she is able to infuse laughter throughout.

She is an open book to her friends and family. She celebrates her successes and reflects on her failures with those she holds dear.

Andrea is an Ohio native, currently residing in southern Ohio. She is the mother of two grown sons, and through the years has always held on to her dream of publishing fiction.