Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Wild Seduction (The Seduction Series #4) by Daire St. Denis (Review)

Wild Seduction 

(The Seduction Series #4) 

by Daire St. Denis

A deal with a sexy cowboy devil...

The wallflower, and the least -pretty, - of the five Ozark sisters, Ashley desperately wants out of this one-limping-horse town. Determined to prove to her bestie that she's not the same old Plain Jane she was in high school, Ashley tells the biggest, fattest lie ever. She has a boyfriend, and it's bull rider Colton Cross--overconfident, sexist and irritatingly sexy cowboy extraordinaire.

Colton's willing to go along with Ashley's lie--for a price. Because after a few mind-meltingly hot kisses with Ashley, Colton's figured out there's a sexy side to Ashley Ozark that no one ever suspected. As each -payment- becomes naughtier than the last, Colton and Ashley discover just how far one little lie can go...one wild, wicked encounter at a time.

Do you enjoy a good story with a fake boyfriend trope/sub-genre? You will definitely enjoy this book if you do.

If you have read Big Sky Seduction, or, A Christmas Seduction books #2 & #3 in the series you will recognize Dillon, this book is about Colton Cross who is Dillon's brother. If you haven't no worries, each of the books can be read as a standalone.

Ashley is the quite sister and often gets overlooked so it's no surprise that she cannot wait to get out of town and start fresh somewhere else. But when her friend comes home to surprise her with the news of her engagement something sort of snaps in her mind and she convinces Colton to play the part of her boyfriend for the weekend. When Colton agrees to go along with Ashley's plan he doesn't think of anything other than the free beer and a few kisses he will get as payment.  HA! You should know nothing ever goes according to plan!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed Colton and Ashley together, they way they were both trying to get more without looking like they wanted more was pretty funny. This was a great addition to the series and I cannot wait to see who gets their HEA next.

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