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Dirty Duet (Found in Oblivion #3) by Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott (Review)

Dirty Duet 
(Found in Oblivion #3) 
by Cari Quinn

He’s the wildest guy in his band, but falling for a virgin groupie-in-disguise might be his craziest move yet.

Keyboardist West Reynolds’s idea of commitment? Going out for breakfast with a woman after a night of bed-breaking action. The only thing he gets serious about is Warning Sign, the band he formed with his two best friends. Then he meets a woman being hauled off by security, and she’s fascinated by him.

To her, he’s a subject to study. Like a bug under a microscope with a big…head.

Lauren Bryant is a student of psychology, and now she’s going in depth on rockstars. Specifically, fans. What makes a woman turn into a lust-driven groupie?

Is it the music?

The fame?

The men?

She isn’t sure, but she never expected to get her own night with a rockstar. One where he’s on top, doing some studying of his own…

She isn’t sure, but she never expected to get her own night with a rockstar. And she just figured out the ultimate way to get inside a subject is to let the subject inside you…

Lets begin with West Reynolds, West is the wildest person in the band, Warning Sign, he's the keyboardist who knows no bounds. From his sexy man bun to the way he moves West is a hard person to overlook even though he is not the most popular of the group. West has been performing for a while now but crowd surfing is a new element that he has added. On his latest crowd surfing excursion he sees a very curvy, very alluring woman that he needs to get to know.

Lauren Bryant is one step away from having a restraining order placed against her because she had snuck her way into a closed practice of "Warning Sign" and Dragon Lady Lila was not happy about it at all. She has also followed them around on our like a typical groupie but Lauren is anything but typical. I love Lauren, to me she was true to herself and it didn't matter what anyone thought about her. A fresh faced virgin with curves to die for West is instantly attracted to her when he spots her at one of their shows, so what does the bad boy rocker do? He pulls her on stage of course.

If you have read any of Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott's books you know that the story will be a hot one and this one is no different. How you can make a virgin sexy to a hot rocker is mind boggling but that is exactly what we have here, West and Lauren are great together. I enjoyed their easy banter along with Lauren's non-filtered mouth, don't get me wrong she is not a trash talker...shoot it took forever to get her to say pussy or fuck...but she doesn't think before she says things most of the time and believe me when I say it will cause you to have some laugh out loud moments.

This has been a great series so far and I am really enjoying getting to know each of the band members but the one that still remains a mystery is Mal, I wonder if this bruiting drummer will ever find a woman strong enough to put up with his attitude. The next story is Ryan's and there is a bit of a mystery as to where he is always sneaking off to so I am sure that we will get some answers...but the question is will we like the path that he is following? Only time will tell.

Add to your goodreads shelf and be sure to grab your copy today!

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