Saturday, February 25, 2017

Brody and Ana (A Silicon Valley Prince #2) by Anita Claire (Review)

Brody and Ana 
(A Silicon Valley Prince #2) 
by Anita Claire 

Brody's a busy executive who’s only focused on work, while Ana's a wildlife biologist studying large carnivores. When one of Ana's cats gets poisoned, Brody decides to take a day off to help her search for the cause. Their hike through the Santa Cruz Mountains turns into more than either of them ever expected.

This was an enjoyable read that you can finish in an afternoon. I enjoyed the growing attraction between Brody and Ana when they met at the chiropractors office for their visits, this attraction grew over time before they even spoke to one another in the waiting room. There was a little angst but nothing over the top. Brody is friends with Jax so if you have read The story of Jax and Payton you will be thrilled to see that the two of them pop up in this story as well.

Brody is former military that now spends all of his time either at work or at the gym, he is not one that socializes much but he does have a few friends that he meets at the gym several times a week. I thought that it was a little strange that he had no real life outside of work but I guess he just needed the incentive to get out more.

Ana is a wildlife biologist that is studying mountain lions when one of her "cats" is poisoned. I liked the way Ana was dedicated to her work and as she strives to find the person or people that have poisoned the cat she doesn't let her emotions take her to far off course.

I find that Anita Claire adds an element of girl power to each of her novels, whether it's a woman that has a career that is mostly dominated by men, or a woman that isn't afraid to go after what she wants, I know that no matter the story the female character is bound to be a strong one, and I love that about her books.

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