Friday, January 27, 2017

Hallowed Destiny -- Forged by Darkness (Chattanooga Supernaturals #3.5) by Candace Blevins (Review)

Hallowed Destiny -- Forged by Darkness 
(Chattanooga Supernaturals #3.5) 
by Candace Blevins

It’s been a year since Destiny was abducted by sick demon worshipers. They intended to use her as a human sacrifice, and they’d already carved evil-looking symbols all over her body when she somehow managed to escape.

She turned eighteen two weeks ago and was finally able to get the first part of an extensive tattoo started on her chest. It would take a while, but she’d eventually cover every horrible, evil scar with something beautiful.

Tonight is Halloween — the one-year anniversary of her abduction — and she’s determined to return to the woods where she nearly lost her life. She doesn’t expect to see a white lion waiting for her. Aren’t black cats supposed to be bad luck on Halloween? Perhaps a white lion will be the opposite of evil. Or, maybe she’s finally lost her mind, because lions are not indigenous to Tennessee.

This title was previously published in Shifters Hallows Eve

I can't believe I'm going to say this, but, from the stories I usually read from Candace Blevins this one was rather tame.  I'm not saying there isn't hot sexy times because there is, it's just that it was more of the vanilla variety. This was a very sweet story, that shows that it's possible that something wonderful can come from the least likely places. 

Destiny was abducted a year ago and she escaped before she could be sacrificed but she needs closure, which brings her back to the scene of the crime and what she finds there will change her life forever. 

Zeke was attracted to Destiny when he sat by her hospital bed last year while she recovered enough to be sent home after her abduction, but she was only seventeen, now she's eighteen, an adult, so Zeke who is twenty-six can now make his feelings for her known. 

Destiny's family was very religious and became distant from her after her attack, just when she needed her family the most they shied away. I didn't like it, but I understood why it was important to the story. I loved the way Destiny and Zeke were together, he was so careful and understanding about everything that Destiny went through and was still going through. His compassion could've been because of the way he felt for her but as with most of men in Kirsten O’Shea’s Universe  there is more to them then meets the eye. 

This was a wonderful addition to the Chattanooga Supernaturals Series, a Sweet & Sexy read that had me shedding a couple of tears, and left me wanting more thankfully Uncaged (Keisha & Darnell's story) will be out soon.   


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