Monday, January 23, 2017

Ariel's Dangerous Liaisons: The Erotic Wonders of a Super Heroic Woman by Liz Adams

Ariel's Dangerous Liaisons: 
The Erotic Wonders of a Super Heroic Woman 
 by Liz Adams

Everyone wonders what Wonder Woman's sex life is like or what superhero sex is like. Though NOT the actual sex life of Wonder Woman, Ariel's Dangerous Liaisons explores the racy romance and vengeful spirit of a super heroic sleuth, a female protagonist everyone can enjoy.

From International Bestselling Author Liz Adams...

What if you lived with the one man you most desired, but could never love?

Ariel Garrison is nothing like the Wonder Woman character in comic books—no tiara, no bracelets, no magic rope, and no invisible plane—but she does have superhuman strength, a secret she must guard with her life as she spends her graduating year in St. Petersburg, Russia, in a foreign exchange program. Planning to work for the CIA, Ariel has one guiding rule: never fall in love. Doing so could give her enemies leverage and put her lover's life in jeopardy. When the dangerous liaisons with her host family lead to irresistible temptations, will her superpowers be enough to protect the one she shouldn't love? Or will she lose her man and her lifelong dream of pursuing justice?

WARNING: In Ariel’s Dangerous Liaisons: The Erotic Wonders of a Super Heroic Woman, Ariel is a vengeful sleuth who pushes her own boundaries redefining what’s right and wrong in every situation, including the bedroom. Her racy journey of lace and lingerie includes solo F, M/F, F/F, M/F/M/M, and a stage performance that would make Miley Cyrus blush. For 18 years and older.

I really enjoyed this book, it started off with a bang! Ariel joined the mile high club and her sexual exploits continued from their. Ariel is headed to Russia to attend University to finish her degree before she starts working for the CIA, you see Ariel has special powers that she must keep hidden so she doesn't put anyone in danger. She has been raised with the knowledge that her mother's special powers is what had the Russian mafia kill her father, so from that moment on Ariel will not allow herself to get involved with anyone for fear that harm may come to them. At first I really didn't like that she felt that way but then as the book went on you could understand her reasoning. When Ariel went to live with her host family in Russia she met Pasha, the son of the host family she thinks he's attractive but she likes his father more...OH BOY! Anyway I really, REALLY liked Pasha, you'll have to read the book to see what happens with him ;) There is so much sex in this book I'm surprised my kindle didn't overheat. you have solo f, m/f, f/f, m/m, m/f/m/m....YEP!

Better go grab your copy of Ariel's Dangerous Liaisons: The Erotic Wonders of a Super Heroic Woman by Liz Adams and make sure you don't have anyone reading over your shoulders! If you are a part of the BDSM Group on Goodreads check out the TPE Bar and request a review copy, but you better hurry it's only available during the month of January!

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