Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Touch Me (Stark International Security, #4) by J. Kenner ~ Release Blitz


Will their hearts survive the ultimate test?

Touch Me, a Stark International novella from New York Times bestselling author J. Kenner & Blue Box Press is now live!

Former wild child Jamie Archer can’t believe how amazing her life has become. Not only is she married to the sexiest man on the planet, Stark Security Chief Ryan Hunter, but she’s also set to star in a big budget blockbuster that is sure to send her career soaring into the stratosphere.

Everything is perfect until Jamie, the least maternal person on the planet, finds out that not only is she pregnant, but that her due date interferes with the film’s production schedule.

Ryan has always supported his wife’s ambition, but he never expected to learn that they were having a baby from the shouts of paparazzi. Hurt, angry, and afraid that Jamie will choose her career over their family, Ryan tries to pull her closer, but only succeeds in pushing her away.

Now, as the pillars of their once fairytale marriage begin to crumble, Jamie and Ryan must find a way to outshine the glitter of stardom and rediscover the strength of their bond.

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Keep reading for a look inside Touch Me!

“Oh, Kitten, believe me. If you don’t kiss me, there will definitely be a fight.”
I hold back a laugh, but my whole body is tingling from the scent of him. From the pressure of his body against mine. I slide my arms around his neck and rise up to claim his mouth. It’s both soft and hard, and the moment his fingers twine in my hair and his tongue finds mine, that tingle turns into a torrent. A wild wave of need so intense that I really, really wish that it was bedtime or nap time or any sort of away time for the kiddo.
But no. His mom won’t be back for hours, and that means I have to wait to get what I want. Ryan knows it, too, and when he gently pushes back, a wave of desperation crashes over me, and I have to fight the urge to draw him close, strip him bare, and scar the kid for life.
As if he knows what I’m thinking—and considering this is Ryan, he probably does—he chuckles softly. I feel the low rumble in his chest more than I hear it. Our eyes meet for a moment, then he eases behind me and rests his hands on my shoulders, the brush of his thumbs on the back of my neck sending shivers up my spine.
His breath tickles my ear as he leans close, and I freeze when he whispers, “I want one, Kitten. Not today. Not next week. But one of these days you need to stop being scared.”
I stay frozen, expecting him to walk on. To say something else. To do anything but what he’s doing, which is standing behind me, his palm now resting lightly on my shoulder.
It’s like a reverse staring contest, but it’s one I’m determined to win.
And as David stands up, then plops down on his bottom, then laughs his little head off before doing it all over again, Ryan bends over and kisses my head. Then he walks away from me, crossing the room to grab David and swing him up into the air, sending the little demon into peals of joyous laughter.

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