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Blossom (Black Rose, 3) by Helen Hardt ~ Book Review with Excerpt

Once you fully submit, your darkest cravings will…Blossom

The ultra-luxe Black Rose Underground Club used to be Mary Sandusky’s favorite place to play. She was happy to slip into her role as seasoned submissive Blossom and relinquish control to an expert Dom. But when a scene gets out of hand, she can no longer trust her own dark appetites. She’s ready to walk away from Black Rose for good...until she meets a hot Highlander who pushes all the right buttons.

Nothing makes Ronan O’Connor’s blood heat more than commanding a submissive in a scene, but forming a relationship outside the club was an urge lost long ago. The closer people get, the more damage they can do. But when he meets the alluring Mary, her beauty—and her obedience—captivate him, and he's determined to make her his.

Every Dom has firm rules, and Ronan is no exception. So he’ll make her an offer—one that will push her boundaries of pleasure and submission even as it challenges the line that separates Mary and Blossom. But neither of them is prepared for where his plans take them...

Each book in the Black Rose series is STANDALONE:
* Blush
* Bloom
* Blossom


“I don’t kiss,” I say bluntly.

“That’s a shame. You have beautiful lips.”

“I mean…I don’t kiss when I play. I don’t like to get that personal with a Dom. It’s not something I’ve ever really enjoyed, anyway.”

“Then you haven’t been kissing the right people.”

“Maybe not,” I admit. “I’ve only been in one real relationship before I became a submissive, and that was in high school. Then in college I got involved…” I sigh. “I just don’t kiss.”

“What is it that you don’t like about kissing?” he asks.

“I don’t know. It’s so…personal.”

“That it is.” He trails a finger over my bottom lip. “And that’s not what you want.”

“No. Not really. I’m a submissive. I play with several Doms, though not at the same time. It works for me. But you…”

“I what?”

“Something. I don’t know. You make me want something else.”

He trails his finger over the shell of my ear. “What is that? Because you’ve made it clear you’re not interested in a scene.”

I gaze downward. “It’s not that I’m not interested. It’s that…” I’m not sure what to say. My aversion to kissing isn’t making sense to me at the moment, because all I can truly think about is Ronan’s lips on mine.

He tips my chin upward. “I think I can change your mind about kissing.”

I open my mouth to object, but—

His lips come down on mine.

My first kiss in…how long?

He tastes like a dream—sweetness from the bread pudding, boldness from his after-dinner coffee. And his tongue. God, his velvety tongue, twirling with mine. It’s a deep and passionate kiss. Already my legs are wobbling, but his strong arms hold me steady.

I have no toys here.

Nothing to make a scene for him.

Even if I did, I wouldn’t dare do anything on this antique furniture. It’s not made for that.

Still he kisses me, walks forward until my back is against the wall.

His cock grinds into my belly. He’s hard, so hard.

All I can think about is him inside me. That gorgeous cock between my legs.

Already I know it’s gorgeous.

And already I know—

But I stop thinking. I let myself go, soft moans coming out of my throat as he pushes me against the wall. I melt into the kiss without meaning to, and just when I don’t ever want it to end—

He breaks the kiss, trails his lips to my ear, nipping my earlobe.

“What do you think about kissing now?” he whispers with a groan.

Is there anything sexier than a man that knows how to wear a kilt?

Ronan O’Connor is new to New York after relocating from Scotland for Business, and he knows how to make an entrance at Black Rose especially since he catches Mary Sandusky’s eye which has been hard to do lately. Mary had a bad experience and is unsure if she wants to stay in the scene, can Ronan be the one to make things right for her again? Or will she walk away from it all?

I enjoyed the chemistry between Ronan and Mary, they could heat up a room on a cold day that's for sure. Ronan is an interesting guy, he recently broke things off with a submissive he had a D/s relationship with and moved to another country to start about cutting ties. He was adamant in what he wanted and a wife and kids wasn't it...could Mary change his way of thinking?

Blossom is the third book in the Black Rose Series and can be read as a standalone. I have only read one other book in this series but I plan to go back and read the one that I missed, this series is perfect for readers that enjoy STEAMY Contemporary Romances, BDSM Romances, or Interracial Romances.

Happy Reading!!!

**I have voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book for my Blog, Nadine's Obsessed with Books**

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  1. I wouldn't have thought this was an interracial romance.
    Excellent review :) xo

    1. Thank you Natalie. 🫢
      They have different Ethnicities.