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At Her Pleasure: A Mistresses of the Board Room Series novel by Joey W. Hill ~ Book Review with Excerpt

It was a night for doing stupid things...

It was a night for doing stupid things...

Ten years ago, Mick should have arrested the drunk, angry woman vandalizing a cemetery. Instead, on that cold night, he yielded to her pain and rage, and let her go. Now a former cop, he's come to New Orleans on business, which brings him face to face with the woman he never forgot.

Cynbad Marigold is a successful businesswoman and a formidable Domme, a Mistress who chooses subs who need enough pain to appease her limitless craving to inflict it. Most subs safeword before she goes too deep, but when Mick reappears in her life, he doesn't want safety. In uncovering the shocking depths of his own darkness, Cyn realizes how much she wants to give him the home he needs…safe in the shadows of her soul.

Whose darkness will take them deeper—and will their bond keep them from going too far?

**A cop/protector hero meets Mistress sadist BDSM romance – with a side suspense plot thrown in!**

"Hill brings you into her world and you don't ever want to leave..." --Wyldheart Reads


He should have arrested the drunk, angry young woman vandalizing a gravestone. Instead Mick yields to her pain and rage, and finds his Mistress…

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This series is the one that introduced me to Joey W. Hill's work, and it was a great introduction. I instantly fell for each of the five ladies featured in Mistresses of the Board Room. These women work together and have a tight bond that only found family can have. Each of them would go to any lengths to help whichever one needed it. In this book, we have Cynbad Marigold's story. I went into this one blind, as I sometimes do. I didn't read the synopsis because I knew no matter what, I had to know her story, and I am so glad I did because I knew there was more to the Sadistic Cyn that people call heartless. There is a lot more...but only one person gets to see that part of her.  

This one had darker tones than the prior ones in the series, and if you have read those, you know that Cyn has always been a bit on the dark side and very mysterious. Well, we find out a whole bunch about her past, so grab those tissues because you will need them! I don't want to give anything away, so I will only say that Cyn is one tough cookie, and it takes an even tougher man to submit to her.

I love all the detail Joey puts into her books because it puts you into the scenes as if you are watching things play out as they are happening, which is why I now know that CNC and primal play are not something that would ever interest me. I love the care she takes when writing, ensuring the reader knows everything done is consensual, even if it doesn't seem like it is. That's the kink of it, and I have learned so many things about myself through her books. I can say without a doubt that this would be a Hard Limit for me, but I would never yuck someone else's yum because what is right for some doesn't mean it's right for all. Okay, now that we are done with today's etiquette lesson...LOL 

Cyn and Mick's story has a bit of suspense, actually a lot of suspense. He is no longer a cop as he was when they first met, but his current occupation is just as if not more critical and dangerous. 

I highly recommend this book and the series to readers who enjoy STEAMY Contemporary Romances, B D S M Romances, Romantic Suspense Reads, or Age Gap Romances.

Happy Reading!!!

About Joey W. Hill

Joey W. Hill writes about vampires, mermaids, boardroom executives, cops, witches, angels, simple housemaids . . . pretty much wherever inspiration takes her. She's penned over forty acclaimed titles and six award-winning series, and been awarded the RT Book Reviews Career Achievement Award for Erotica. But she's especially proud and humbled to have won the support and enthusiasm of a wonderful, widely diverse readership.

So why erotic romance? “Writing great erotic romance is all about exploring the true face of who we are – the best and worst - which typically comes out in the most vulnerable moments of sexual intimacy.” She has earned a reputation for writing BDSM romance that not only wins her fans of that genre, but readers who would “never” read BDSM romance. She believes that's because strong, compelling characters are the most important part of her books.

“Whatever genre you’re writing, if the characters are captivating and sympathetic, the readers are going to want to see what happens to them. That was the defining element of the romances I loved most and which shaped my own writing. Bringing characters together who have numerous emotional obstacles standing in their way, watching them reach a soul-deep understanding of one another through the expression of their darkest sexual needs, and then growing from that understanding into love - that's the kind of story I love to write."

Take the plunge with her, and don't hesitate to let her know what you think of her work, good or bad. She thrives on feedback!

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