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Lawless (Harrow Creek Hawks #3) by Tracy Lorraine ~ Book Review with Excerpt


An all-new and addictive dark, why-choose, captive romance from the USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Tracy Lorraine.

I found peace in the last place I expected, but it was a mirage built on lies and unfulfilled promises.

I thought we somehow managed to find a way to co-exist in their little lair, but as usual I was wrong.

The second I felt settled, a corrupt Hawk turns up and flips everything I’ve come to know—and dare to trust— on its head.

Without a choice, I’m dragged out into the night by the man I vowed to obey— Maverick Murray.

Taken away from the protection of the man I loved to hate— Reid Harris.

Torn from the arms of the man who’s been my savior throughout this whole ordeal— Julian Dempsey.

They all had their reasons for needing me alive, but it was JD, the loyal best friend to the ruthless leader who taught me all about playing with fire.

The cocky playboy who likes to think himself a joker.

Just one smile from him and everything seems easier.

One touch and the rest of the world falls away.

The last thing I want to do is hurt him.

But I can’t forget that he’s a part of all this.

JD hurt me, even if it was with pleasure.

I never made a secret of where my loyalties lie.

And I have no choice but to leave him and Reid behind, as I clutch my husband’s hand, trusting that he knows best.

But what’s best for me, is the worst thing for JD. Because without me… his darkness just might pull him under.

Dear Reader,
Lawless is book three of four in the Harrow Creek Hawks series. It is a dark why-choose romance, meaning our leading lady has several love interests and never has to choose to find her HEA. These three a-hole alphas are certainly no heroes; their morals are questionable at best. If you're looking for a good guy, then you're in the wrong place. Enter at your own discretion

What to expect from the series…

Why Choose / Reverse Harem

Captive Romance

Dark Romance

Touch her & die

He Falls First

Forced Proximity

Bully Romance

And more!


My entire body vibrates with fear as Mav walks toward the front door in only a small pair of boxer briefs and a loaded gun behind his back.

I want to believe the words he said about it being kids, being anyone other than the one man I never, ever want to see again.

A million and one questions race through my mind as each second stretches out like hours but I can’t latch onto any of them.

The fear coursing through my veins is too potent to focus on anything else.

My entire body jolts as I watch him wrap his fingers around the handle and push it down.

Unlike me, he shows no fear of hesitation as he pulls the door open, and I’m reminded exactly who the man I married is.

I stop breathing as he stands there staring at someone on the side.

It feels like forever, but in reality, it’s probably barely more than a second before someone speaks.

One more book until the end, and I honestly don't know what I will do once this series is over.

Not only have Maverick, Julian, and Reid wormed their way into Alana's heart, but they also got under my skin. These three morally grey men will do whatever it takes to keep Alana safe, and this installment shows the lengths they will go to...but watch out for another cliffhanger. Just like the two prior books, this one was another Holy Shit moment.

I recommend this book to adults who enjoy STEAMY DARK ROMANCES or Why Choose Romances.

Happy Reading!!!

**I have voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book for my Blog, Nadine's Obsessed with Books**

Author Bio


Tracy lives in a cute Cotswold village in England with her husband, and daughter.

She spends her days lost in her own world of wicked bad boys and feisty heroines who will bring them to their knees.

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