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Relentless: A Dark Captive Why Choose Romance (Harrow Creek Hawks Book 2) by Tracy Lorraine ~ Book Review



An all-new and addictive dark, why-choose, captive romance from the USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Tracy Lorraine.

He came to save me… but what he finds could destroy him.

I might have accomplished the impossible and walked back up those stairs.

But I wasn’t na簿ve. Freedom didn’t await.

Only more locked doors and nightmares.

My captivity means nothing now.

My hope is locked up in despair.

Because just like he promised, Mav came for me.

No one breaks into the Devil's manor… and lives to tell the tale.

But since I’ve been here, I’ve learned a few things.

For the first time in my life, I'm the one with the power.

And I will do whatever it takes to protect my husband.

But things are different now.

They say the truth is meant to set you free, but that's the last thing I want.

Because the truth is… the only man I've ever loved just might hate me as much as I hate myself for what I’ve been doing.

Who I’ve been working for.

I may have given my body to others, but my heart will only ever belong to Mav.

But will he want me when the rest of me is tarnished?

When he discovers that I've sold my soul to the devil, and reaped the benefits from his best friend?

Dear Reader,
Relentless is book two of four in the Harrow Creek Hawks series. It is a dark why-choose romance, meaning our leading lady has several love interests and never has to choose to find her HEA. These three a-hole alphas are certainly no heroes; their morals are questionable at best. If you're looking for a good guy, then you're in the wrong place. Enter at your own discretion.

What to expect from the series…

Why Choose / Reverse Harem

Captive Romance

Dark Romance

Touch her & die

He Falls First

Forced Proximity

Bully Romance

And more!


I gaze up at him with wide eyes as he glares at me. The air around us crackles as the silence stretches on. My skin prickles and my body aches with the need to feel his hands on more than just my throat. 

His grip on me is just short of being perfect, his fingers dig into those two magical spots on either side of my throat that promise the perfect oblivion. 

“Please.” The whimpered plea slips from my lips without instruction from my brain. My face burns with shame that one touch from him reduces me to this level of pathetic. 

I don’t want him. 
I hate him.
My husband hates him. 

But my body doesn’t care. The broken little girl who, despite everything, craves the touch, the pain, and the feeling of being at the mercy of a dangerous man screams the opposite. 

Relentless is the second book in the Harrow Creek Hawks Series, and this is a series that must be read in the order that it has been released as it is an ongoing story with cliffhangers. This book picks up shortly after book one ends and has you wondering what happened: is Maverick okay? It was only for a little while, but my heart was in my throat, wondering how badly he was hurt.

I enjoyed this read, although it didn't have nearly as much as the action the first book did, we do get a lot of character growth and many steamy scenes. I felt that character growth was needed for them to move on together, especially since Reid and Mav dislike one another so much. Do they forgive and forget? You'll have to read the book to find out why they were at odds. 

J.D.'s past is coming to light, and while we don't have his whole story, we are getting enough of  it to start pulling at my heartstrings. So yes, while I am holding steady as a "Mav's Doll," I can easily see why so many J.D.'s Pets are rooting for him.

This is a DARK Why Choose Romance, and I would only recommend it to Adult Readers who enjoy their reads on the DARKER SIDE. 

Happy Reading!!!

**I have voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book for my Blog, Nadine's Obsessed with Books**

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Tracy lives in a cute Cotswold village in England with her husband, and daughter.

She spends her days lost in her own world of wicked bad boys and feisty heroines who will bring them to their knees.

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  1. I don't read RH anymore, but this does sound really good. Great review! xo

    1. Thank you, Natalie. This is an interesting one where she is already married to one of the men before the other two become part of the mix.