Thursday, September 14, 2023

The Risk of Falling (Falling in Love #1) by Nikki Ash ~ Book Review


Title: The Risk of Falling
Author: Nikki Ash
Release: September 14, 2023
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Marriage of Convenience, Cinnamon Roll hero
Cover Designer: Jersey Girl Design @JerseyGirlDesign
Photographer: Sarah Eirew Photography

"Oh the FEELS!!!!!! This book....I couldn't read it fast enough. These characters hook you hard. I loved the banter, sass, and relationship Ellie and Sienna shared. Then Micah swoops in and wow, just wow."  -Chrissy Busick, Goodreads review

"I devoured this one, reading straight through, and I couldn’t get enough! It's tender and sweet, smexy and holy-hades smexy (yes, I said it twice), and an adrenaline-fueled read I couldn’t put down. Humorous, suspenseful, and full of heart, this is one you definitely won’t want to miss!" - BookAddict, Goodreads review

"Micah and Sienna’s story is full of love, suspense, family drama and steam! A wonderful read!" - Jennifer Kreinburg, Goodreads review

"The chemistry, sexual tension, banter, and the intense moments were everything. I was on the edge of my seat half the time with the twists and turns." - Reading4_ash, Goodreads review

"This book is definitely not like anything that Nikki as wrote before and I love it. It’s full of angst, suspense, humor and love." - Tara Horawitz, Goodreads review

From USA Today Bestselling Author Nikki Ash comes an all new standalone romantic suspense..

From the first time I saw Sienna Bardot dancing on my stage, I was mesmerized. But after booking a private room and buying her time, I want more than just one night.
She thinks by telling me that she’s waiting for love and marriage it’ll scare me away, but what she doesn’t understand is that I plan to make her mine in every way.
When her life is threatened, I would do anything to keep her safe—even if that means forcing her to take my last name.

Micah Alexander is a man used to getting what he wants, and I’m a woman used to having my choices taken away.
The sexy club owner thinks he can charm me, but it’s never going to happen. I’m dancing my way to a better life—one that doesn’t include making the same mistakes my mom did.
But when her sins come back to haunt me yet again, I have no choice but to turn to the only man who can save me—and hope letting him in doesn’t put my heart in further danger.

I am so glad I have decided to venture out and read new authors because I am finding some outstanding ones, and Nikki Ash is one of them. THE RISK OF FALLING is my first read of Nikki's, but honestly, it will NOT be my last. I was drawn in on page one. Sienna's love for her sister and the lengths she will go to to keep her safe are so heartwarming; it's a shame that their mom was a piece of work because she didn't deserve the two daughters she had.

Sienna works as an exotic dancer at night while attending college classes during the day and caring for her younger sister. She has a lot going on in her life, and there is no time for dating, so when she meets Micah, who wants to pursue her, she tells him no, but the handsome billionaire doesn't give up on her so easily.

Micah is used to all work and no play, other than a quicky here and there, but once he lays eyes on Sienna, Micah knows he wants more than one night with her; he wants it all. So when she says no to anything, he needs to get creative, and it seems like the world is on his side because as things play out, he will get what he wants.

I loved this book and cannot wait to read Ellie's, Sienna's sister, book.

I recommend this book to Adult readers who enjoy STEAMY Contemporary Romances, Billionaire Romances, Marriage of Convenience Romances, Romantic Suspense Reads, or Stalker(ish) Romances.

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  1. I haven't read from this author before (although I've promoted her books) and now you're making me wanna. Excellent review! xo

    1. Thank you, Natalie. I was the same until this book and it was the perfect one for me to begin with. I hope you give her books a try I believe you will enjoy her writing. <3