Tuesday, July 11, 2023

A Likeable Woman by May Cobb ~ Book Review

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Kira’s back in her affluent hometown for the first time in years and determined to unravel the secrets of her mother’s death--hidden in the unpublished memoir she left behind-- even if it kills her. . . .

After her troublemaker mother’s mysterious death, Kira fled her wealthy Texas town and never looked back. Now, decades later, Kira is invited to an old frenemy’s vow renewal celebration Though she is reluctant to go, there are things pulling her home. . . like chilled wine and days spent by the pool . . . like sexy Jack, her childhood crush. But more important are the urgent texts from her grandmother, who says she has something for Kira. Something related to her mother’s death, something that makes it look an awful lot like murder.

When her grandmother gives Kira a memoir that her mother had been working on before she died, Kira is drawn into the past and all the sizzling secrets that come along with it. With few allies left in her gossipy country-club town, Kira turns to Jack for help. As she gets closer to discovering what—and who—might have brought about her mother’s end, it becomes clear that someone wants the past to stay buried.

And they might come after Kira next.


2.5 Killing Me Softly Stars

I'm on the fence with this one. I picked it up a couple of times and put it back down because I couldn't get into it, but since it's an ARC and the release date was getting closer, I made a point of really pushing through and finishing it. Don't get me wrong, the writing was good, and so was the storyline I just couldn't connect with the Main Characters, Kira and Jack, for whatever reason.

We start with Kira receiving an invitation to attend a renewal of vows from a friend in her hometown, a town that she left after her mother died twenty-four years ago. She hasn't returned because everyone believes her mother's death was suicide, and Kira always believes she was murdered. Now that Kira has returned to the crime scene, she is receiving threatening messages and does her best to figure out who killed her mother, Sadie.

A few things didn't sit well with me in this book; first off, the depiction of Jack's son and his wife. His sweet boy has Autism, and his wife doesn't cope well with the stress of it all, so she takes "Mommy's little helpers," aka Xanax; I don't understand why we needed to make the wife check out all the time, she was either high on some pills or drunk from parting so much. The author also gives you a LOT of characters to dislike for one reason or another, and it almost seemed like either she wasn't set on who she wanted the killer to be, or it was done to distract you from figuring out who the killer was. Unfortunately, I still figured it out before it was revealed, so I had no big OMG moment.

Would I recommend this book to readers? Yes, I would. This book has many five-star reviews, so there is a good chance you will enjoy it more than I did. If you enjoy Suspenseful reads involving a small group of friends, parents and their kids, then you should check out this book.

Happy Reading!!!

**I have voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book for my Blog, Nadine's Obsessed with Books**


  1. Eh, not sure I'll try this one, but I'm glad you found some things to like about the story. I hope your next read is phenomenal! Great honest review btw xo