Monday, May 1, 2023

Den of Sins: An Interracial Dark Mafia Romance by Alta Hensley & Renee Rose ~ Blog Tour with Excerpt


I’m like a feral animal. A wild beast rutting. And she’s my prey.

Den Of Sins, an all-new interracial dark mafia romance and book one in the Chicago Sin Duet from Renee Rose & Alta Hensley is available now!

I’m like a feral animal. A wild beast rutting. And she’s my prey. 

One week out of prison, and my mind’s still locked up.

My heart, my soul—they died there.

When a mafia hitman comes after me, I end him with my bare hands.

But the beautiful florist witnesses my crime.

I have no shame tying her up and making her my prisoner.

Until she kisses me. Offers up that sweet body and makes me needy for more.

And then all bets are off.

She’s coming with me.

I can’t let her go.

My soul may be unsalvageable, forever living in a den of sin.

But the rest of me knows what it wants.

And I want her.

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My entire body starts to shake. Not a slight tremble, but a terrible shuddering that makes my knees knock together and my ribs lock down in a painful cinching. I hear male voices and footsteps tromping past the closet. The sound of a body being dragged. Tears drip down my cheeks and over the duct tape on my mouth. My breath rasps harshly in and out of my nose. “What about the florist?”a male asks just outside the closet. “Need me to clean that up?”“I got rid of her,”Armando says. “Yeah?”“Yeah. She didn’t see anything. It’s cool.”I was right. He’s protecting me. That’s why I’m in the closet. Because if his buddies out there knew I saw something, I might have to die. But then…how do I know he’s not going to kill me anyway? Maybe he just wants to make me his fuck toy first. Keep me tied up in his closet for months and months and then throw me dead in a ditch. Oh my God. This is bad. “I’ll finish the clean up here. I owe you. Don’t tell anyone about this. I’ll tell the don myself, yeah?”“Yeah, as long as you do.”“Swear to Christ. Hey—get rid of his gun, too. I can’t carry one.”“Are you fucking nuts? Someone’s trying to kill you. You need a piece.”“I can take care of myself.”He definitely can. I just saw him take care of an armed man without ever firing. In fact, he’d purposely emptied the gun chamber. I don’t think he meant to kill that guy at all. It was definitely self-defense. “I fucking hope so.”The back door shuts. I wait, my shaking intensifying as the possibilities fly through my mind. What’shappeningwhat’shappeningwhat’shappening? The closet door flies open, and I blink at the sudden light. Armando’s face comes into focus. His brows lower when he looks at me. “Aw, baby. Did you think I was going to leave you in here?”He thumbs away the tears under my left eye. Did I? Not really. I just didn’t like being tied up and standing in a dark closet. Feeling helpless. He drags me forward, out of the closet and works the corner of tape free over my upper lip. “I’m sorry for this.”He yanks it all off in one pull. A strangled cry erupts as the tape leaves my lips. “You okay?”“No,”I snap. “Let me go.”My demand sounds way more watery than firm. “Sorry, Flowers. That’s not possible.”He pulls me into my workshop. “Here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to clean up your shop, and you’re going to stay where I put you and not make a sound. Can you do that, or do I need to put you back in the closet?”

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