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Ruthless Heir (Street Kings) by Sienna Snow ~ Blog Tour with Excerpt #ruthlessheir #siennasnow #darkromance #mafiaromance #streetkings


I'm not the hero from the storybooks, but the devil betrayed from birth.

Ruthless Heir, an all-new decadent dark standalone romance from USA Today bestselling author Sienna Snow is available now!

I'm the player, the gambler, the one without a heart or soul.

There isn't a risk I won't take and a challenge I won't meet.

Then she came into my world, melting the ice in my veins and showing me a life a man like me never deserved.

But it was all a lie.

She chose a safer, easier path, realizing too late, it was riddled with chains.

Now she's trapped, needing an escape, and I'm the only one who can set her free.

I'm not the hero from the storybooks, but the devil betrayed from birth.

With the cards stacked in my favor, I will use any means necessary to take my empire and my queen...even if it means burning it all to ash.

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My thoughts drifted away as my eyes connected with rich amber ones. Everything inside me clenched, and my heartbeat accelerated. 


The man I couldn’t have. The man I couldn’t let go. 

The pain, the need, the longing of the last few weeks roared to life. 

God. He took my breath away. 

Where his brothers gave the edge of danger when they polished up, telling the world they were outsiders among them, Samir King was the actual dangerous one, the most ruthless, the one who seamlessly blended in. His chiseled good looks and tailored clothing gave him an aura of refined elegance. Then, when someone looked deeper into those mesmerizing eyes, there was no mistaking the intelligence taking in every detail of every situation. 

The desperate need to touch him pulled at every fiber of my being. The ache, almost visceral and unexplainable, burned in my chest. It had been like this from the beginning with us. 

No matter where we were in a room, the draw made us seek each other out. 

Sam continued to stare at me. The pulse of energy between us charged deep into my soul. Logic screamed for me to look away. Too much teetered on the edge. 

As sense finally penetrated my mind, I refocused on Neil. “What was I saying?”

“You were about to call what we are doing incest.”

I released a deep breath as I realized everything that had passed between Sam and me had happened within mere seconds. 

“You have to admit it’s a bit messed up.”

“Yeah, well, we shouldn’t have joined the circus if we didn’t want to have weird shit happen to us.”

My phone beeped, saving me from responding and giving me the cue to move to the hotel lounge to pick up some microchips from my favorite hacker. 

“Time to go powder my nose and grab a new shade of lipstick.”

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