Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Black Light: Roulette Finale Anthology ~ Release Blitz with Excerpt


Title: Black Light: Roulette Finale
A Black Light Series Boxset
Publisher: Black Collar Press
Genre: Contemporary BDSM Romance
Release Date: February 7, 2023


Twelve couples. Four hard limits. Three hours of dirty fun.

Black Light returns for a final time with a sizzling night of Valentine Roulette and twelve very naughty — and very hot — NEW stories from your favorite BDSM authors.

It's West Coast vs. East Coast once again as the rivalry between the clubs continues with a secret bet between two arrogant Dungeon Masters, but when their plans get discovered... it won't just be these daring couples who are risking it all!

With hearts and egos on the line, can the magic of the roulette wheel bring a few more Valentine's miracles to Black Light? Or will this thrilling finale end in catastrophe?

Dive into this tantalizing collection to find out! Featuring stories from: Jennifer Bene, Livia Grant, Measha Stone, Lila Dubois, Golden Angel, Claire Thompson, Samantha A. Cole, Eden Bradley, Pepper North, Becca Jameson, Stella Moore, and Kay Elle Parker.



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Roommates by Golden Angel

Roulette night at Black Light always felt a little different. The hum of anticipation for the evening was a little sharper, a little sweeter, whether one was a spectator or a participant. This year was even more different because apparently the managers for Black Light East and Black Light West had been switched. Damian hadn’t meant Elijah before, but he recognized the man, whose expression was a little lost as he moved through the club.

Damian couldn’t help but chuckle. He could only imagine how difficult it would be to step in last minute to run someone else’s club during the biggest event of the year. Thankfully that wasn’t his job.

No, his job tonight was difficult enough.

He needed to forget his roommate.

His very straight, very vanilla roommate.

How straight and how vanilla? A little voice in his brain whispered.

Okay, so there had been a few times when Grant had reacted to something Damian did that made him wonder if his roommate was a bit subby. But he was definitely straight. The attraction was on Damian’s side and if there had also been a few times when he’d thought there might be a spark between them…

Well, they’d been drinking at the time and Damian couldn’t trust that he wasn’t projecting.

Besides, even if Grant wasn’t completely straight, Damian didn’t have any interest in being someone’s experiment. Not for sexuality or for kink. Been there, done that. He would never rush anyone into coming out for him, that was always a personal choice, but his personal preference was to be with someone who not only knew what their sexuality was, but was ‘out.’ Someone he could openly be with.

So that was what he was looking for.

And tonight was his big opportunity.

Chase had told him that they needed a gay Dom for Roulette this year. Though he wouldn’t tell Damian who the sub was, claiming they needed to keep at least some of the mystery that surrounded Roulette, he’d confirmed that the sub was out, bi, and had requested a male Dom. He’d also confirmed that the sub was newer to the club but had scened before.

All of that worked for Damian.

While he wouldn’t know until they were face to face if there was any spark, he was hopeful that Roulette and a reminder of what he wanted – what he needed – would be enough to help him shake off his attraction to his roommate. It would be really nice if he could didn’t have to avoid being at home all the time.

Not that he had to avoid home, but he felt like a teenager with a crush most of the time when he was there and it was uncomfortable to say the least.

“Hey Damian, how are you doing tonight?”

Turning, Damian smiled at Master Elliott and his girlfriend Lisa, who unfortunately immediately made him think of Grant. They were in the same PhD program at the university and had become friends, which meant that she was over at his apartment with Grant hanging out fairly frequently. The fact that she was also a member of Black Light and one of his friend’s girlfriends just showed how small a world it could be.

“Ready for things to get started,” he admitted, smiling at Lisa. The smile on her face was a little odd, but he chalked it up to anticipation for the evening – or maybe nostalgia. She and Elliott had gotten together during a previous Roulette. “I’m going to be one of the Doms. Hopefully it’ll turn out alright.”

“I’m sure it will,” Lisa said. Did nostalgia make someone smirk? Because it kind of looked like she was smirking.

He didn’t get a chance to extend the conversation though, because behind him the sound system turned on and DJ Elixxer called out “Welcome to Black Light!”

Spinning around, Damian felt his heart rate kick up in anticipation. He wasn’t the only one either. A kind of surge went through the whole room, everyone shouting out some kind of cheer in response.

Immediately his eyes went up to the stage, looking for the submissives that should be lining up right now. For some reason less male submissives tended to sign up for Roulette and since he’d been specifically asked to be a Dom, he figured there would probably be only a few male submissives, maybe even only the one.

Unfortunately, he was a little far back to be able to see everyone. As Elixxer called Elijah up to the stage to say a few words, Damian moved slowly through the crowd, muttering apologies as he headed for the front. He had just reached the other Doms who were gathered to participate as Elixxer rescued Elijah from stumbling over his speech, when he saw him.


Grant was here in Black Light.

Grant was here in Black Light and standing with the submissives lined up to participate.

Grant was the only male submissive lined up to participate.

Disbelief and shock ran through Damian as he stared at his roommate, who was studiously watching Elixxer on the stage. He didn’t glance over at the waiting Doms once, which made him stand out even more, since most of the subbies were glancing nervously at the line of Doms.

He’s openly bisexual, Chase had said. He’s new, but he’s done a few scenes here, Chase had said.

He and Chase were going to have some words later.

Damian clenched his jaw so hard he was surprised it didn’t crack. Anger was slowly simmering, rising up inside him. He’d been played.

Crossing his arms, he glared at Grant from across the space. His roommate had either lied to him, or he’d lied to Chase. Either way, he’d been lying. And somehow he’d managed to set Damian up.

That, Damian was sure of. Otherwise, he’d be like the other subbies, looking anxiously at who they might be paired with. But Grant wasn’t doing that, which led Damian to believe that Grant already knew.

“That’s my cue to kick off the pairing!” DJ Elixxer said as Elijah stepped back. Damian could see them out of the corner of his eye, though he didn’t break his glare at Grant. “Would tonight’s dominants come join me on the stage? Then we’ll start matching our couples so we can find out what sexy kinks they’ll get to enjoy tonight.”

Oh, Damian already knew who he was going to be matched with. Grant had made sure of that.

So his roommate wanted to play?

Fine. Damian would play. But from now on he was going to be the one making the rules.



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