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Rocky Start (A-List Security #4) by Annabeth Albert ~ Book Review


I think I’m falling for my bodyguard co-worker. Now I need protection… from myself.

As a former SEAL intelligence officer, I’m supposed to be smart. Unfortunately, those smarts don't apply to love. I did a nice thing and took my heartbroken fellow bodyguard out for a Valentine’s dinner. Just us bros. But my plan worked a little too well, and a night that ended with a scorching kiss has turned into the most awkward morning at the office ever. Now we’re working together as bodyguards on a remote mountain movie shoot. And we’re roommates.

I’ve never been attracted to a guy before, but something about Avery calls to every protective instinct I have. We’re not dating, but every night alone together, I fall a little deeper. It's also Avery’s first time with a guy too, and while we’re both enjoying all sorts of new things together, I worry my heart will be broken when we return to civilization.

No matter how badly this may end, I can’t seem to stop wanting Avery. All of him. I want to see who he'll become if he ever manages to get out of his own way. I want to be his biggest cheerleader, best friend, and the guy he comes home to. But going from secret hookup to forever after is a big ask. Are we both brave enough to take the leap?

ROCKY START is book four in the A-List Security series. It features TWO highly protective SEAL bodyguards, a double awakening, an exploration of the sexy, lacy kind, and all sorts of brand-new emotions. Get ready for all the high heat, big feels, and found family feels readers expect from this fan-favorite military romance author. Join A-List Security for this lower-angst series featuring former SEALs and celebrity clients. Happy endings and no cliffhangers guaranteed!

A-List Security is another one of Annabeth Albert's Military Men Series, which I absolutely LOVE, only these men are out of the service now and are adjusting to their new norm and for some that means discovering somethings about themselves that they may not have realized before which is the case for both Malik and Avery. Malik and Avery are both former SEALs and now they work for A-List Security as bodyguards for celebrity clients, these two are so different yet so much alike it's easy to see why they get along so well.

I loved the sexual awakening between both men and what I loved even more was Avery's love for all things lace. I haven't read many books with that kind of kink but I really enjoy it and would love to see more of it.

The author has a content/trigger discussion for mild internalized homophobia, this is something that one of the men has to work through as he realizes he is indeed happy about spending time with a's more along the lines of toxic thinking then homophobia in my eyes, but you may see it differently.

This was another great addition to the series which have all be light on angst and high one heat, this one even gives us a surprise visit from a couple from the OUT OF UNIFORM SERIES and it was great revisiting old friends again.

I would recommend this book to those that enjoy STEAMY MM Romances, Friends to Lovers Romances, Workplace Romances, Roommate Romances, Forced Proximity Romances, or Military Romances.

Happy Reading!!!

**I have voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this book for my Blog, Nadine's Obsessed with Books**

About Author Annabeth Albert: 

Annabeth Albert grew up sneaking romance novels under the bed covers. Now, she devours all subgenres of romance out in the open—no flashlights required! When she’s not adding to her keeper shelf, she’s a multi-published Pacific Northwest romance writer. The #OutOfUniform series joins her critically acclaimed and fan-favorite LGBTQ romance #Gaymers, #PortlandHeat and #PerfectHarmony series. To find out what she’s working on next and other fun extras, check out her website: or connect with Annabeth on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify! 

Also, be sure to sign up for her newsletter for free ficlets, bonus reads, and contests. The fan group, Annabeth’s Angels, on Facebook is also a great place for bonus content and exclusive contests. Emotionally complex, sexy, and funny stories are her favorites both to read and to write. Annabeth loves finding happy endings for a variety of pairings and is a passionate gay rights supporter. In between searching out dark heroes to redeem, she works a rewarding day job and wrangles two active children.


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