Tuesday, November 1, 2022

Her Favorite Brother: A Forbidden Ménage Love Story (Mia Thorton #3) by Magdalin Laine ~ Cover Reveal


Her Favorite Brother: A Forbidden Ménage Love Story by Magdalin Laine is Releasing November 15, 2022

Mia Thorton is no good at playing wife.

When she meets her dangerous brother-in-law she knows she’s in trouble.

Giovanni’s eyes are set on her, and he won’t take no for an answer. Running from him sends her straight into the arms of her new and overprotective stepbrother.

Colton is irritating, sweet and more fun than she’s ever known.

It doesn’t take long to realize there’s no way to win this game.

But losing it could be just as rewarding.

Content warning: cheating, explicit scenes, forced pregnancy, the topic of suicide, stalking, pseudo-incest, non con, dub con, and violence.

Full-length 60,000 word novel. Unconventional HFN.

Pre-order 99 cents.

Magdalin Laine

Magdalin Laine is an independent author who specializes in romantic thrillers. She’s not afraid of the taboo and pushing boundaries in her work. Many themes she explores include the forbidden, the violent, and intimately sensual. She’s intrigued by power imbalances. But most importantly, she writes heroines that are strong in ways that aren’t simply physical.

Born and raised in the Midwest, many of her stories are still inspired by its people and landscape. She’s a coffee addict, vegan, and runner. But when it comes down to it, she’s nothing more than a hopeless romantic dreaming up love stories in her head that would be horror stories in real life.

Tiktok: @fruitypancakegirl
Instagram: @Magdalinlaine
Youtube: Magdalinlaine

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