Saturday, August 28, 2021

The Devil and I by Kay Alastor ~ Book Review


The Devil and I
Debut Author Kay Alastor 

Release Date: July 25, 2021


I stood at death's door and knocked, thinking that being taken by the Grim Reaper was the only way to escape the cruel monster that was coming back for me, intent on finishing what he started a year ago.

What opened the door wasn't Death, but it was close enough. What is a broken girl to do when the Devil himself opens the door she's been knocking on?

Unfortunately, the choice isn't mine anymore. When you call out into the void, you can't control what answers back.


Death was coming for her, but I intercepted.

She was trying to escape a monster from her past, only to find the Devil of her future.

She's mine now, and I won't ever let her go.

And the monster she's been running from? He's about to find something far more deadly in his way.

Monster, meet the Devil.


The Devil and I is a dark erotic romance that contains disturbing content - please read the trigger warning at the start of the book.


This is the author's debut book!

This book had a lot of promise to it but for me it didn't deliver. I liked it but didn't love it, I wish it was longer because I didn't get the connection to the characters that I so enjoy. I did feel bad at the beginning with the way things were unfolding with Rayna it was really a shock right out of the gate but then that was it. I didn't feel much chemistry between Rayna and Lucas although there were plenty of sexy scenes.

If you enjoy Dark Erotic Romances I would suggest you give this one a try, it has a lot of four and five star reviews so you may like it more than I did.

Happy Reading!!!

I read this as part of the Goodreads Dark Erotica Group; BotM August 2021, you can see my answers to the questions that were discussed here: Goodreads Review & Discussion


  1. This was a good review. Thanks for the group mention.

    1. Thank you Angela! And you're welcome for the group mention, it's one of my favorite on Goodreads <3