Monday, July 26, 2021

Shooting Stars by Lissanne Jones ~ Release Blitz with Excerpt


Title: Shooting Stars
Author: Lissanne Jones
Genre: Best Friends to Lovers Romance
Release Date: July 26, 2021


Property moguls. Purveyors of sin. Philanthropists. Multi-millionaires. Best friends.

Emilia Quinn and I are all of the above. We’ve built our vast empire from nothing, just two kids who aged out of the foster system. Neglected. Unwanted.


We quickly learned we could only rely on each other, and with nothing more than grit, determination, and hard work, we’ve risen to the top of New York City’s elite. Pleasure is our business, and everybody wants to be in our orbit.

But nobody gets close to us because we don’t allow them to.

It’s why we’ve never crossed the line. We have too much at stake.

Until the night our relationship changes and suddenly everything is at risk, including the most important thing of all…

Our hearts.




We were back in Faircross, the small town in Kansas where we’d first met. Where our relationship had begun all those years ago. So it made perfect sense that this new side of our relationship would also begin here, as though we’d come full circle.
This crappy motel would never have been where I’d have chosen as the location to make love to Emilia for the first time, but this was where we were.
And in some ways, being here stripped us bare. We weren’t surrounded by the opulence of the world we inhabited now, the world we’d created together.
We were where the universe had made our paths cross for the first time. Where we’d just been Jase and Em, two kids searching for the only thing every human being did: love. To love and to be loved.
We leaned toward each other at the same time and our mouths met in a soft, warm kiss. There was no rush on either part; we weren’t going anywhere. We had all night to devote to each other, to explore each other’s bodies and wring as much pleasure as we could before we got back on our private jet the following day and went home to our successful lives.
Emilia and I were stepping over the line the same way we did everything else in life: together.


Lissanne Jones lives in her hometown of Sydney, Australia, where she writes steamy romance books. Her favourite animal is the flamingo, she hoards stationery, and loves to travel. She's always dreaming up new stories and wishing there were more hours in the day to write them all!


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