Saturday, July 31, 2021

Alibi (Crossover Novel - Brantley Walker: Off the Books, 5 / The Walkers of Coyote Ridge, 10) by Nicole Edwards ~ Book Review

Travis Walker has been battling dark urges since the day Juliet Prince kidnapped his six-year-old daughter four months ago. Although Kate was returned safely, the woman responsible vanished.

When their attempts to find her keep coming up empty, Travis let his need for retribution consume him and it nearly cost him his relationship with his family. Thanks to help from Gage and Kylie, Travis came back from the brink and passed the case back where it belonged: with the Off the Books Task Force.

What they don’t know is that, despite their best efforts and repeated failures to find her, Juliet doesn’t intend to run forever. She’s coming back to Coyote Ridge to settle the score once and for all. And this time, she intends to bring Travis to his knees by taking what means the most to him.

When the unthinkable happens, Travis’s need for vengeance is renewed and he will move heaven and earth to avenge his family.

There are just no words. This is honestly the first time I have ever put down a Nicole Edwards book to take a break, the emotions this book will pull from you are unexpected because this is unlike any of Nicole's other books.

If you have been reading the Brantley Walker: Off the Books Series this is a MUST READ, if you have read TRAVIS, Alluring Indulgence Series, this series is a MUST READ. Do you understand what I'm saying here...this is a MUST READ if you have come to know Travis and his family in any of the books. 

Nicole did a fabulous job with ripping my heart apart and then putting it back together again. Am I an emotional reader? yes I am. Would I read this book in public? No I wouldn't. Would I recommend this book? ABSOLUTELY! 

I wouldn't recommend reading this book as a standalone because there is a lot of backstory to this one but as I mentioned before if you have read any of the books in this series or Travis' book then I would highly recommend you read this one.

Happy Reading!!! 

About the Author:

Nicole lives in Texas with her husband and their youngest of 3 children. The two older ones have ventured out in the world on their own. She has a beautiful granddaugther and a rather spoiled grand-puppy.. Oh, she and Colt  also have four dogs. Most of the time, you can find her hiding in my writing cave. If she's not there, she's probably hanging out with the family, reading, or watching hockey and football. One thing for sure... Nicole is always trying to have fun. 

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