Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Extra Whip (Bold Brew #8) by L.A. Witt ~ Book Review


Extra Whip (Bold Brew #8) by L.A. Witt

Will and Aaron Taylor have a perfectly imperfect marriage. For twenty years, even when their desires haven’t quite matched, they’ve always found ways to adapt…until now. When Aaron’s needs push past his Dom’s limits, their best hope for compromise is finding a unicorn—a third person who checks both men's boxes.

After his estranged father wills him a house he doesn’t want in a town he doesn’t know, Kelly Griffith is itching to find his place in this unfamiliar new world. When he finds an ad from a couple looking for a sub like him, he jumps at the opportunity. A chance to be what someone needs and wants instead of being a perpetual disappointment? Yes, please.

The chemistry sizzles from the get-go. Will and Aaron insist they don’t want to be poly, and Kelly doesn’t want to be anyone’s third wheel, but playing together? Any time, any place. All they have to do is keep emotions from joining the party as the trust and intimacy deepen between them.

But by the time they realize they’re in over their heads, hitting the brakes is no longer as simple as using a safe word.

Extra Whip is a Venti-sized (140,000-word) stand-alone novel in the Bold Brew shared universe centered around an inclusive coffee shop set in a fictional small city. Each steaming hot coffee shop romance can be enjoyed alone, but collect all ten for the most fun! This menage romance contains a happily married couple in their 40s, a sassy 30-something submissive, lots of fluffy steam, and a guaranteed happy ending!"

Be still my achy breaky heart.

I cannot express how much I love Aaron, Will, and Kelly!
It took a while for me to finish this mammoth sized book but it was worth every single minute.

Will and Aaron have been together for twenty years and they recently discovered that Aaron's needs in the bedroom push past the limits Will is willing to go. So what do you do when that happens? Do you just forget your needs? Make your Dom push past his own comfort level? Or do you search out a third in the hopes that a Unicorn exists and will meet both of your needs? 

Well, that is the premise of the story...so of course you know the Unicorn does exist. Will and Aaron are adamant about not wanting a poly relationship they want a friends with benefits with Kelly and he's fine with that since he's just returned to town after his fathers shocking death. So as long as no one gets feelings they are good...now have I got your attention? How do you have relations with someone, hang out with someone, and spend a LOT time with someone, and not develop feelings, especially when the chemistry is through the roof!?!? 

This was not only a great addition to the Bold Brew Series but it's my favorite to date from L.A. Witt. I loved this book so much. I enjoyed the differences between each of the men and how they all worked well together and as couples. 

I would highly recommend this to anyone that enjoys MM Romance, BDSM Romances, Menage Romances, or if you are looking for a book to really sink your teeth into and loose yourself for a while this one is for you.

Happy Reading!!!

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