Thursday, April 22, 2021

Double Shot (Bold Brew #10) by Gwen Martin ~ Book Review


Double Shot (Bold Brew #10) by Gwen Martin

Coffee, with a double shot of desire....

West is still floundering three years after a failed relationship spun his life out of control, and forced him to move back to his hometown. When he meets Rhys at Bold Brew, his curiosity sparks, and he wonders if the alluring photographer could be his shot at embracing the inner Little he suppressed in the past. Rhys's photos are a passionate exploration and call to West's needs and desires. 

Rhys loves to guide and nurture partners—then send them on their way. But something about West is different. The quiet man responds to Rhys's Daddy dominance in beautiful ways. And the camera loves him, too. 

When West agrees to a photoshoot, their chemistry ignites. Rhys and West are a perfect complement to one another's cravings. But can this double shot at love last as long as one of Rhys’s photographs, or will they drink their fill and move on?

Double Shot is a stand-alone novel in the multi-author Bold Brew shared universe centered around an inclusive coffee shop set in a fictional small city. Each steaming hot coffee shop romance can be enjoyed alone, but collect all ten for the most fun!

Potential Trigger Warning for a character discussing issues with alcoholism. There is no relapse on page.

Gwen Martin is another new to me author and since I enjoyed this book so much I have already added another of her books to my TBR shelf!

I've read some daddy kink before but it was all MF never MM until now, and I must say the dynamics are so different, much more interesting, and so much hotter! I really enjoyed the way this all played out.

West is a forty-two year old recovering alcoholic that has returned to his hometown of Laurelsburg to restart his life. He doesn't do much outside of spending time with his nana and working....well that was until he met Rhys.

Rhys is a thirty year old photographer that takes photos of the BDSM scene. He has a big gallery show coming up and he's under a lot of pressure from his father.

I have to say the meet-cute for West and Rhys was really sweet and had me craving some snicker-doodles. I enjoyed the way they interacted even before they knew their kinks worked really well together. The chemistry was off the charts and although there was some angst it was resolved fairly quickly.

Overall this story was a HOT Quick read that I would definitely recommend to lovers of MM Romances, BDSM Romances, or those that especially enjoy Daddy Kink.

Double Shot is the final book in the Bold Brew Series and I for one and very sad to see it come to an end. I am hoping that at some point these fabulous authors will decide to gather again and share some more stories that happen in and around the coffee shop.

If you haven't started the series no worries each book can be read as a standalone. I highly recommend the entire series but I realize not all the books are for everyone so pick the one that is right for you and grab an iced coffee because you are going to need it to keep cool.

Happy Reading!!!

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