Thursday, March 4, 2021

Puppuccino (Bold Brew #2) by Allison Temple ~ Book Review with Excerpt


PUPpuccino by Allison Temple

MM Romance 
D/s Relationship

Charlie’s life is a dumpster fire. He’s got a broken heart, a job he can’t talk about in polite company, and a puppy slowly destroying his apartment. Desperate to save what’s left of his belongings--and self respect--he calls in reinforcements, but all it takes is one look at the silver-fox dog trainer and Charlie is panting for a little attention.

Mason understands dogs more than people. Give them strong leadership combined with gentle guidance, and they’ll eagerly obey. It doesn’t take long for Mason to realize Charlie is desperate for that same firm hand. Normally he would never get involved with a client, but gazing into Charlie’s puppy dog eyes, he longs to give them both a treat they won’t soon forget.

Under Mason’s careful charge, Charlie is empowered with control he never knew he had. Yet, as hungry as Mason is for more, he senses Charlie’s heart isn’t ready to open up. Will allowing Charlie to run free ensure his return? Or will his past keep him leashed and out of Mason's reach?


“What is your kink, exactly?” I ask, tilting my head like it will help me see him better.
His smile is gentle. “Exactly? I don’t know if it has a name. Kink’s about power and vulnerability. I like the power, but mostly I like seeing other people willing to be vulnerable.”
My dick’s already getting hard, just from the way he purrs when he speaks, but worries are still rattling around in my head.
“Gavin said he was a Dom, but now I’m not so sure. He liked rough sex and liked to push me past what I was comfortable with, but that’s not quite the same thing, is it?”
Mason drags his stubble along my cheek, making me shiver. “There are bad Doms just like there are bad everything.”
“You said there were no bad dogs.”
“Bad Doms, Charlie. There are definitely bad Doms.”
I laugh, burying my face against his chest. “Yeah, maybe that’s what it was.”
At that, he lifts my chin and kisses me softly. Even the gentle pressure of his lips has me straining upward, reaching for more.
“You should never settle for less,” he says. “No one should, but especially not you. You’ve got so much to offer the right man.”

New to me author Allison Temple had me falling for Mason, Charlie, and their menagerie of pups from the very beginning.

Charlie recently ended a long term relationship when he found his boyfriend/Dom in bed with another man....YIKES! Gavin and Charlie didn't have a healthy relationship, as you can see, and we learn about it all through Charlie's insecurities. 

Mason is a dog trainer and believes that there is no such thing as a bad dog, which I totally agree with. Charlie reaches out to him for help with his unruly Husky pup and when they meet, Mason isn't prepared for the feelings Charlie invokes in him.

I really enjoyed Mason and Charlie together, they had great chemistry and Mason was the perfect person to help Charlie work through things. I even found myself laughing out loud a few times because lets face it puppies can be a handful and some of the things this adorable little husky gets into is priceless!

If you are looking for a sweet & sexy MM Romance with some kink look no further that Puppuccino and the Bold Brew Series, I think you'll be happy to you did.

Happy Reading!!!

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