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Order Up (Bold Brew #5) by Wendy Qualls ~ Book Review with Excerpt


Order Up (Bold Brew #5) by Wendy Qualls

Barista Blake Hilliard has sexy secret and a fanbase eager to see more from him. The stars align when he discovers new customer Graham Aldersen is a dead ringer for his best friend--who had to leave town right before they’d planned a special livestream together. Graham isn’t so sure about subbing in for Blake’s regular partner, mask or not, but the chance to play with Blake’s popular online persona is too tempting to ignore. Going live on the internet is out of Graham’s comfort zone but Blake makes the experience eminently worth the risk.

When it becomes apparent that Blake’s partnership with his friend is more business than romantic, Graham finds himself wanting more. More sexy fun, more quiet chats, as much more of Blake as he can get. Blake doesn’t “do” boyfriends, though, and he certainly isn’t the type that straight-laced Graham ever thought he’d fall for. He’d put that life behind him when he bought the cute little house with the white picket fence and the cat--could the two sides of himself ever mix?

Will this mismatched duo be able to order up a happily ever after?


I had an idea. -DJ
Pulled into the world’s sketchiest rest stop just to tell you -DJ
Was thinking about my “twin but hotter” you say you made an ass of yourself for earlier tonight—is he still around? -DJ
Because if so, he could borrow my mask and be me on Saturday. -DJ
It’s not like our patrons know what my face looks like anyway… -DJ
Blake stared at his phone stupidly for about ten seconds. This turned out to be a mistake, because Vann only needed about half of that to notice and then to steal the phone from Blake’s unresisting hand.
“You can’t stand there blushing like that and expect me to not try to find out why,” Vann replied in a teasing tone. “You, Mr. Nothing Embarrasses Me, are red as a tomato right now. And it’s…” He trailed off as he read the text exchange. Then he let out a loud bark of laughter.
“Fuck you,” Blake grumbled. No point in trying to hide his insta-crush on Vann’s hot friend now.
“No, this is priceless. And not actually a bad idea. GRAHAM!” Vann waved the man over to join them at the counter. “It just so happens that my buddy Blake here has a problem you could help with. Like, only you could help. And he’s too chickenshit to ask, so I’m gonna.”

Such a Fun and Steamy Read!

If you have read any of the previous books in the Bold Brew Series then you've met Blake, he's the Barista at Bold Brew, and if you read Vanilla Steamer you've met Graham who is friends with Vann and works at the hospital with Landon....no worries if you haven't because each of the stories in this series can be read as a standalone.

Blake in addition to being a barista at Bold Brew does cam work with his buddy DJ, but due to a family crisis he has left town right before they were scheduled to do a live cam show. A case of mistaken identity could be a show saver but how do you ask someone you just met to do some bondage play on a webcam show? 

Graham was into the BDSM scene before he moved to Laurelsburg two years ago but he hasn't touched a rope since then...not that he hasn't had the urge to. So when Blake tells him about his dilemma he's intrigued but hesitant. 

Blake and Graham are total opposites, Blake is out and proud while Graham is quiet and a bit bottled up, but when they get together they fit as if they were made for one another. I usually have a hard time with novellas when it comes to feeling the chemistry between the characters but Wendy Qualls did a wonderful job with showing us not only how well they worked together but how much they cared for one another.

In my opinion this book has been the kinkiest in the series to date. I loved the shibari rope play, suspension play, heck I loved it all.  

If you are looking for a mm romance that can be read in just a couple of hours but will make you hot under the collar this is the book for you.

Happy Reading!!!    

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