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Author Spotlight - Golden Angel


USA Today Bestselling Author


Golden Angel is a USA Today Bestselling Author, Amazon Top 50 bestselling author, Nook bestselling author and self-described bibliophile with a "kinky" bent who loves to write stories for the characters in her head. If she didn't get them out, she's pretty sure she'd go just a little crazy.

She is happily married, old enough to know better but still too young to care, and a big fan of happily-ever-afters, strong heroes and heroines, and sizzling chemistry.

She believes the world is a better place when there's a little magic in it.


When I first got to college, I discovered a whole new world online. Not just porn, but erotic stories, which I found to be even more appealing to me than the movies. I love to read and I was hooked on these new-to-me genres. When I fell down the rabbit hole I discovered something else new-to-me that suddenly explained a lot about me.

Online BDSM erotic stories were my first glimpse into the world of kink and things about my childhood suddenly began to make sense. Why Princess Leia in the gold bikini and ESPECIALLY in the collar and leash fascinated me. Same thing with Princess Jasmine when she was chained up by Jafar. Why I would watch cartoons and internally cheer for the villain when he tied the heroine up and threatened to do wicked things to her… my imagination didn’t know what wicked things were possible, but it wanted to. I never understood why and I always felt slightly ashamed by the direction my brain would try to go.

Then I discovered the online BDSM erotic stories where suddenly it was HEROES tying up the heroine and doing all sorts of devlish things to her, with her enthusiastic consent, and my goodness… it was everything I’d secretly yearned for but didn’t know existed until then. After that, I was hooked. I started writing my own for the website. I explored the lifestyle a little with friends.

Eventually I discovered full length BDSM romances, and at that point I was basically done for. I binged on Lexi Blake, Cherise Sinclair, Kallypso Masters, and eventually many others. Becoming a BDSM romance author was a dream come true and one that I am so thankful for.

Exclusive (unedited) teaser for Bondage Buddies - Golden Angel’s upcoming April 6th first book in a new BDSM romance series!

Bondage Buddies

“Bondage buddies?” Domi raised her eyebrows at him, leaning back with her arms crossed over her chest, the position pushing up her breasts even more than the corset she was wearing. She looked skeptical, but also intrigued.

Barely standing five feet tall, petite in every way, with a riot of dark brown curls that danced around her head, she was a whole bunch of sass and bravado despite her small stature. Whenever she was at the club, she dressed like she meant business, with a full-on goth aesthetic that warred with her fae-looks. She looked like a goth-metal fairy most of the time.

Anyone thinking she was a pushover just because she was short or because she was a submissive should be warned by her outfits, but there was always someone who underestimated her. Domi sometimes pushed back just to show she could. It meant that a few of the Doms at Stronghold and Marquis, the BDSM clubs they both belonged to, weren’t interested in playing with her.

Right now they were at Marquis, the club they’d met at when he’d been one of the instructors for new submissive members and she’d been one of the students. Marquis was the fancier of the two clubs, and the only one that provided dinner. Regular restaurant downstairs, on its second floor it served as an exclusive kink retreat where a dinner and a show could be had, and there was a back hall with fetish themed hotel rooms. Stronghold was Marquis’ sister club, but they were as different as night and day. It was the original club and far more utilitarian, though it also had more room to scene. The atmosphere was completely different though and so Mitch had chosen to ask Domi to Marquis instead.

Tonight was as close to a date as Mitch had been on in years. First dinner – and making his proposal to Domi – hopefully followed by some seriously hot play and or sex while they watched tonight’s show.

Giving her his best wicked grin, Mitch leaned forward across the table they were sitting at. “It’s like fuck buddies, but with kink.”

She pressed her full lips together and he was pretty sure she was trying not to smile. The expression on her face was blank, but she was thinking about it. He could see it in her dark eyes. His grin widened.
He liked Domi.

Mitch enjoyed her fire and sass. He especially liked it when he managed to push past it and reach the woman underneath. Feel her melt. And then make her fly.

That she was a sweet masochist whose need for pain-filled pleasure matched his sadist’s need to deliver it was even more of a bonus.Mitch didn’t have to do a hardcore scene every scene to be satisfied, but after a while the need would build until he couldn’t ignore it anymore. Hearing a woman beg and scream, and then beg and scream for an entirely different reason, flat out did it for him. He needed her to enjoy it though, which meant he needed someone like Domi, who loved every second of the wicked things he did to her.

"You had fun with me during your subbie classes," he pointed out, winking at her. He'd been one of the Doms who had assisted during the New Submissives class. All of the submissives had been fun in their own way, but Domi was the one whose tastes most aligned with his.

Their last class together, when he'd gotten to play doctor, had been his favorite. Especially since she initially had scoffed at the idea of medical play. The little subbie had thought he wouldn't be able to hurt her the way she wanted. Mitch had thoroughly enjoyed proving her wrong. They'd had a discussion then about playing in the club, no commitment, but so far she'd proven elusive and hadn’t given him a straight answer.

Which was why he'd finally told her to come meet him for dinner and a show at Marquis. He hadn't been sure if she actually would, but he figured she'd be intrigued enough to come find out what he wanted.

"I did..." She tilted her head at him, chewing on her lower lip. The uncertainty on her face made her look more vulnerable than usual. Her halo of curls bounced slightly when she shook her head, and his cock sank a little in expectation of a rejection, but then she surprised him. "No dating, just sex, right? Here in the club?"

"Here or at Stronghold," he confirmed. Coming to Marquis was more of a special event kind of thing, since membership was incredibly expensive. Being a member of Stronghold meant they could visit one night a month without having to pay extra, but that was it. He didn’t want to rule out Stronghold, since they’d be able to meet there far more often.

Domi rolled her eyes at him, as if to say duh. "That's what I meant."

Sliding his feet over to her side of the table, he trapped her legs between his. It wasn't painful and she could have easily pulled her legs up if she wanted to, but it was a reminder that he was the Dom and she was the sub. Domi sucked in a quick breath, her gaze flitting up to his and then dropping down to the beer glass in front of her.

That was Domi. Sassy brat right up until she was challenged and then her submissiveness took over. Sometimes it was a bit more of a fight than other times, but deep down she wanted to submit. It just had to be earned. The challenge never failed to turn him on. "If we're going to play together, you're going to need to be more respectful, at least in the clubs," he said firmly. Outside of the club, she could roll her eyes all she wanted. He didn't care what she did when she wasn't in his space. He just wanted to play with her when she was.

"Sorry, Sir," she said. Her contriteness only lasted another couple of moments though and then she looked back up at him. Still considering. Her fingers tapped nervously against her beer glass. "Would there be a club contract? Would we still be able to play with other people?"

"I'm fine with or without a contract," he said. "As for playing with other people, I just want first dibs." Domi blinked in confusion and Mitch grinned. "If we're both at the club, and neither of us have scened yet, we get first dibs on each other. If I'm not around, you can play with whoever you want, and vice versa. My work schedule can be a little unpredictable, so I'd rather keep it casual. If you prefer setting times to scene, I can do that, but it will need to be on a week by week basis."
"No, dibs works," she said, a slow smile curving her lips and bringing out the cute little dimple he liked to see. Mitch enjoyed making people smile and he liked making them laugh even more. Domi could be a bit of a challenge, as she was in most things. Any time he got that dimple to peek out, he mentally high-fived himself. She snorted. "Dibs. I like that. That's so you. Do you have this arrangement with anyone else?"

"Nope, just you," he said. Her expression didn't change, but he could sense she wasn't sure how she felt about that. "It would be hard to have first dibs on more than one person, what if you were both there at the same time?"

"That's true," she said and then shrugged, picking up her beer to take a sip. "So, why me?"

"I like the way you scream." He winked as heat flushed her face, turning her cheeks a dark red, her eyes widening slightly. God, he loved kink. Only in a BDSM club could that sentence be considered foreplay.

Domi's tongue flicked out over her lower lip, swiping up a tiny droplet of beer, and Mitch's cock twitched with interest. She had beautiful lips and a talented tongue, and he would very much like to explore her mouth with his cock again. Soon.
"Is that it?" she asked, her voice huskier than it had been before. The rise and fall of her breasts in her corset as she took a deep breath was easy to see. His cock was already ready to go, but they still had a few details to hash out before he could get his hands on her. BDSM was big on communication – something that had been drilled into him when he’d taken the Dom class that was required for Marquis and Stronghold’s membership.

"It's a big part of it." His voice became more serious. "We have complementary kinks. I like torturing you. And neither of us is looking for anything serious." In fact, Domi often flat out refused to scene with the same guy twice, which was why Mitch had wanted to put his offer on the table, so they both knew exactly where they stood. "There are nights when I'd just like to be able to come to the club, scene, and not have to worry about my submissive getting ideas beyond that."

Mitch was always very clear about where he was in life and that he had no interest in a relationship. He didn't want to hurt anyone, so there were some submissives he wouldn't scene with, just because he knew he wasn't what they were looking for.

"How's that going to work out for you if I'm already scening with someone?" Domi asked, resting her cheek against her hand, leaning onto her elbow.

"I'll live," he shrugged. "But you usually don't jump right into scening with anyone. I figure I have a pretty good shot at being there when you decide you want to."



The offer was almost too good to be true, which was why Domi felt so cautious.

She'd come out tonight because she'd been so surprised that Mitch Elliott - Master Mitch, the Playboy Dom - had asked her out on what amounted to a date, she'd had to know why. Her best friend Rae would have demanded it even if Domi's natural curiosity hadn't driven her to it. They both needed to know what he wanted.

His offer wasn't entirely unexpected, since it was similar to what he'd told her he wanted when she was still in training, but she hadn't realized he'd been quite so serious about it. This was even more tempting than he had been before, and not just because he was hot as hell. Tall, blond, piercing blue eyes, with broad shoulders and muscles in all the right places, he always managed to make her feel both small and safe with him. He was kind of the club clown, always looking for a laugh, but when it came time to take charge he did so with an intensity that always left her breathless.

His offer appealed to her on a level that she hadn’t expected.

Domi preferred stability. She didn't want a relationship but jumping from Dom to Dom every time she was at Stronghold didn't hold a lot of appeal... and she'd already found that most Doms didn't want to go to Marquis for a single hookup. Marquis' setup was unique, both where the shows were held and the private rooms. In a lot of ways, she was more comfortable at Marquis than Stronghold, because she was more of a voyeur than an exhibitionist and this was where she'd done all her training, but she hadn't been able to find any Doms willing to accompany her.

Maybe that was another reason she'd said yes to Mitch's invitation. Because she'd been dying to come back to Marquis with someone other than her bestie. Watching the shows with Rae was fun, but it left them both horny and unsatisfied afterward.
"Okay," she said. She couldn't think of a single downside. While she was sure there must be one somewhere, it wasn't leaping out at her, and she might as well enjoy herself until she found it. Especially because she wanted to enjoy tonight. She was back in Marquis, with a hot Dom, who wanted to fuck her into oblivion, and the show was going to be starting soon.
Domi wanted her orgasm.

A wicked grin lit up Mitch's face, his blue eyes flashing bright with anticipation. He hadn't been sure of her answer until she gave it, which was nice. She'd hate to be predictable.

"Let's kiss on it," he suggested, reaching out to grab her wrist and pull her around the leather seat of the curved booth. Domi went willingly, although she pretended to be less eager than she actually felt. Her body was already buzzing from when he'd trapped her legs between his - and she still didn't know why that had been so hot.

When she was close enough, leaning forward toward him, he lowered his lips to hers.

He was a damn good kisser and Domi loved kissing. It started gentle, but demanding, his lips opening and tongue sliding between hers. His hand glided down her back then pulled her toward him, dragging her across the seat. Her short skirt rode up practically to her hips as he moved her.

One hand dipped down between her thighs, cupping her over her pussy... and he jerked his head back when he realized she wasn't wearing any panties. Blue eyes blazed with desire and satisfaction.

"No underwear? Good girl." He practically breathed the words, then his lips crashed down on hers again, rougher and with more intent. Domi whimpered as his fingers slid between her wet lips, exploring her swollen folds and rubbing against her needy clit. "Do you consent to sex tonight, sweetheart?"

Domi moaned. "Yes, Sir." Please, Sir. But she wasn't going to beg unless he made her. However, if he didn't fuck her, she was probably going to stage a revolt.

He chuckled. "Thank God." His fingers swirled around her clit, like a reward, although she knew he probably would have done so either way. "Condom?"

"If you want." Domi knew firsthand that condoms weren't always trustworthy, but she never objected to a man taking responsibility for birth control, even though she had her own. She would have still insisted on them if they were just doing a one-night hookup, regardless of his club membership, but since they were going to have dibs on each other she’d make an exception for him. Truthfully, she liked the feeling of skin on skin better anyway.

“That’s a no, then,” he said, pushing his fingers slightly inside of her. Domi shivered, her eyes half closing as her body stretched for him, her wet sheathe welcoming him in.

Not knowing where to put her hands, she left them where they were, one still on the table, the other beside her on the booth where he'd dropped it so he could touch her.

Even with her eyes closed, she knew when the lights dimmed. The show was about to start. The design of the booths made them very private, although not entirely soundproof, and she could hear the murmur of anticipation from everyone else in the room. Marquis’ stage room was set up like a theater in the round, with the private booths all around the edge of the room and a large stage in the center where all manner of kinky demonstrations and shows happened. Domi’s arousal surged even more. She loved a good show.

Breaking off the kiss again, Mitch swirled his fingers against her clit, his other hand moving up to the top of her corset. Her figure was too slight to really have cleavage, but the corset gave her the closest things to it.

"This is going to have to come off," he murmured.

"Quick release," Domi said with a flirtatious smile, almost purring the words. She reached up. It was why she liked the steampunk style corsets. A few quick flicks to undo the front closures, and she was free. Mitch's eyes lit up with appreciation as the sides of the corset fell away, leaving her upper body naked.



Even in the dimmed lights, it was impossible not to appreciate Domi's naked beauty. Her nipples stood out from the small mounds of her breasts, just begging to be pinched, bitten, and tormented. Her lips were parted, eyes alight, and cheeks flushed with eagerness. Mitch rubbed her clit a little harder and she moaned, the slick heat of her pussy growing wetter with every stroke of his fingers.

Music, slow and languorous with a throbbing bass, filled the room. The regular lights dimmed even further, and a couple walked out onto the slightly raised stage in the middle of the room where all the brightest lights were now focused. The way the lights were aimed kept them out of the darkened booths, though there were also privacy curtains available at each one, including black sheer ones for those who wanted to see out but didn’t want to be seen. Thick red velvet ones could enclose the booth completely, turning it into a little oasis of privacy, but that would mean not being able to watch the show either. Mitch didn’t bother with either, he and Domi didn’t care about being seen.

Master Michael, one of the owners of Marquis, and his girlfriend and submissive, Ellie stepped onto the stage. Like Mitch and Domi, Michael was a sadist and Ellie was a masochist, which meant it was guaranteed to be a show that would appeal directly to them. Michael was tall, muscular in a lanky way, with brown hair that brushed the tops of his cheeks and was constantly getting in his eyes. In contrast, Ellie was short, generously curved, with creamy pale skin and nearly black hair. The short silky robe she was wearing accented her curves thanks to the belt tied around her middle, and the skirt fluttered around her thighs. They were an attractive couple, with a connection that was palpable.

Walking to the center of the stage, Michael turned to face his sub, leaning down to give her a soft, tender kiss on the lips. Barefoot, Ellie stretched up to meet him, the expression on her face adoring.

Mitch pulled away from Domi's pussy, ignoring her whimper of disappointment. He pressed his wet fingers to her lips and bit back his own groan when she immediately accepted them, cleaning her juices with her tongue. The mimicry of what he wanted her mouth to be doing to his cock was hot as fuck. Curving his other arm around her, Mitch brought her flush up against him so he could more easily play with her breasts. He pulled his fingers from her lips so he could take one in each hand. They fit into his palms easily, allowing his fingers to close around the full mound and reach her peaked nipples.

Rather than teasing her, he immediately gave each one a hard pinch, making her gasp in surprise and pain. His cock jerked at the soft sound, which she'd clearly tried to muffle. Tightening his grip, he tugged on them, making her arch her back and lean forward, squirming with arousal the entire time.

On the stage, Michael had already stripped Ellie out of the robe she was wearing and revealing the weights attached to her nipple rings, pulling them down, and a flash of jewelry between her thighs. Likely something to torture her sweet pussy.

Mitch rolled Domi's nipples painfully, eliciting a high-pitched whine from the back of her throat. Leaning closer to her, he kissed the muscle where her throat met her shoulder and then nipped at it, dragging his teeth over her sensitive skin. His cock was now rock hard and pressing against his leathers, begging to be let out.

"I think your nipples could use some jewelry as well, don't you?" he whispered, twisting and tugging on the small buds. "I wouldn't want you to get jealous of Ellie."

"Yes, please, Sir," Domi said immediately, her voice soft and needy. Her back arched, thrusting her breasts forward, like her body was repeating the plea.

He nearly groaned at her eagerness. Only a sweet little masochist would take the pinches and twists to her nipples that he was doling out and then ask for more.

"Keep watching Master Michael and Ellie." He murmured the order into her ear. "Don't take your eyes off of them."

Releasing the little buds, he grinned as she let out a long breath, her body relaxing from the tension. That little bit of relief wasn't going to last very long, and he knew that neither of them wanted it to.

On stage, Michael had secured Ellie's wrists to a rope hanging down in the center of the stage and her ankles to a spreader bar that forced her legs wide apart. He was wrapping rope around Ellie's body, focusing on figure eights around her large breasts that made them jut out even more, her pale skin turning pink as they were bound. She was panting, her eyes almost glazed over. Now, with her legs spread, Mitch could see the clamp that was on her clit as well.

Reaching into his pocket, Mitch pulled out the clover clamps he'd brought along. Their initial pinch wasn't bad, but any tugging on them made them tighten, increasing their bite. Perfect for Domi.



Watching Master Michael and Ellie normally wouldn't be a hardship, especially because just being a voyeur to this intense scene was a pleasure unto itself, but not being able to look over and see what Master Mitch had for her was its own form of torture. Which she was sure the jerk knew. Her nipples were already throbbing from his abuse, and her pussy was pulsing in time, practically clenching with need.

She was so aroused. It took willpower not to reach between her legs and touch herself for relief - but she knew better than to do that next to a Dom. That was a surefire way to an evening without a single orgasm. The best way to get what she wanted was to be a good girl and do what she'd been ordered to.

So she watched as Master Michael tied off the end of the rope, leaving Ellie in a kind of rope shirt that covered nothing and mostly added to the torture of her breasts. Domi couldn't help but wonder if such bondage would be as effective on her, since her own boobs were so much smaller than Ellie's. She would love to try.

Mitch's hand moved back around her back and cupped the breast that was farther away from him. She'd expected an immediate pinch, but instead his fingers gently stroked her abused nipple, teasing it and making it feel even more sensitive.

It wasn't until Master Michael picked up the flogger that he'd had hanging from a belt loop and sent it slashing through the air, that the pinch came. Domi cried out just after Ellie, her nipple now throbbing from the sharp, stinging pain that jabbed through it. A moment later, Master Michael brought the flogger down on Ellie's other breast, and Master Mitch quickly clamped Domi's other nipple.

She gripped the table in front of her, eyes unfocused as the flogger rose and fell, panting for breath as her body adjusted to the exquisite agony. It hurt so much, and felt so good, her pulse pounding in time with Ellie's cries.

The room was now echoing with whimpers, moans, and groans, from the other booths, adding to the onstage show.

"Up, sweetheart," Mitch ordered. She cried out when he used the clamps to move her, dragging her forward by her nipples so that she was bent over the table.

Tears gathered in her eyes from the sharp pain, the dull throbbing that replaced it when he let the clamps go. On stage, Master Michael aimed the flogger at the tender undersides of Ellie's breasts, making her shriek from the impact, and then again as the weights on her nipples bounced along with her breasts. Domi's nipples throbbed in erotic sympathy.


Master Mitch's hand slapped against her ass, making her cry out in surprise. Her cheek stung where the blow had landed. Like when he'd pinched her nipples, he wasn't giving her any warm-up time... and her body loved and hated him for it.


She moaned, lifting her hips up for more.

Smack! Smack!


She shrieked, her pussy pulsing with pain from the particularly hard smack it had been given. Oops. She'd dropped her head, taking her eyes off the show. Jerking her head back up again, she shuddered with the erotic pain as Master Mitch started spanking her again, covering her entire ass with the hard swats.

Propped up on her elbows, she could feel her breasts swaying beneath her, the clamps feeling like they were tugging on her from the movement.

Onstage, Master Michael dropped the flogger and moved to Ellie, quickly undoing the rope and making her cry out as blood rushed back into her tortured breasts. Tears dripped down onto the abused mounds and she screamed, jerking slightly, when he removed the weights from her nipples and gave each of them a sharp pinch. The insides of her thighs were glistening with the evidence of her arousal, even as she shuddered and sobbed.

Moving behind her, Master Michael undid the front of his leathers, taking his cock in hand. Retrieving a small tube from his pocket, he squirted shiny liquid onto his cock and Domi moaned when she realized his intention. Fuck this was going to be hot.

Ellie's sobbing breaths turned into another shriek as Master Michael lined his cock up with Ellie’s ass and thrust in. At the same time, Master Mitch thrust into Domi's pussy and she cried out with relief at finally being filled, her muscles clamping around him. One of Mitch's hands pulled at the back of her hair, keeping her head up so she was staring right at Master Michael and Ellie when his hands moved around to Ellie's front, closing around her tormented breasts and squeezing as he began fucking her ass with a hard, pounding rhythm.

Master Mitch kept one hand in Domi's curls, the other wrapped around her hip as he fucked her pussy just as hard as Master Michael was riding Ellie's ass. Domi shuddered, bracing herself against his hard thrusts, her breasts bouncing, nipples protesting the abuse whenever the clamps brushed against the table, digging into her flesh. Every slap of Master Mitch's body against her spanked cheeks reignited the sting from his hand. Her pussy convulsed around him, her passion climbing higher.

Watching the show with a dom was everythi
ng Domi had imagined and more.

Another scream from Ellie echoed around the room. Master Michael had removed the clit clamp and now the fingers of one hand were buried in her pussy, rubbing roughly against the sensitive nub and increasing both her pain and her pleasure. Echoing his movement, Master Mitch released one of Domi's nipples and thrust his hand between her thighs.

Ecstasy exploded inside of her, twisting around the stinging pain into its own unique creation that flooded her body. Domi's cries joined the others filling the room, her orgasm pulsing inside of her along with Master Mitch's cock. She could feel him, throbbing, flooding her pussy with his cum.



With a strangled cry, Mitch emptied himself into Domi, the silky walls of her pussy gripping and squeezing the life out of his cock with each pulse of her orgasm. The incredible eroticism of fucking the hell out of her while they watched another couple playing and fucking… he was definitely going to be bringing her back to Marquis in the future.

Normally he wouldn’t consider that, because it might give a subbie ideas, but this was Domi. If anything, he’d probably have to reassure her that he wasn’t getting the wrong idea. Marquis was date-like.

But he had dibs.

He had to admit, it was one of his better ideas.

Whimpering, Domi went limp in front of him, still panting, her pussy quivering around his shrinking cock. On stage, Michael had already removed the restraints from Ellie’s wrists and was bundling her up in his arms to carry her offstage. From the expression on her face, she was still flying high.

The lights around the room went up just a little, to the dimmed setting that had indicated the show was about to start. Now it would stay this way until everyone left, giving them just enough light to make their exit but keeping the booths completely shadowed. In a few minutes, servers would make the rounds, dropping off water and anything the table had ordered for aftercare and taking orders for those who hadn’t done so beforehand. Knowing Domi’s love for lemon, Mitch had taken the liberty of ordering her a slice of lemon meringue pie.

Sitting back down, Mitch pulled Domi toward him, turning her around to face him. She had a similar expression to Ellie’s and he allowed himself a few moments of smug satisfaction over making her look like that.

He got another bolt of enjoyment when he removed the clamp from her right nipple and she wailed, back arching, hands automatically coming up to fend him off as the blood rushed back into the crushed nubbin. If she hadn’t been totally undone by the scene, she never would have reacted that way. Easily grasping her wrists in his hand, he leaned forward and took her nipple in his mouth, suckling her through the pain.

Little sobs of breath heaved her chest and she shuddered, slowly coming down from the high.

When he removed the one on the left, she was clear-eyed enough not to fight him, and she moaned in enjoyment as he soothed the sting with his lips and tongue. Mitch’s cock twitched again at the sultry sound, but he knew it wasn’t actually going anywhere.
One slice of pie and two glasses of water later, Domi was completely recovered and happy to agree to scheduling future visits to Marquis, no ‘dibs’ needed. Which was good, since Marquis required a reservation. Mitch walked her to her car, gave her a hard kiss, and said he hoped to see her soon. With a wink, of course.

Strolling back to his own car, he whistled a merry tune.

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