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Tempt Me (Filthy Rich Billionaires #3) by Caitlin Crews ~ Book Review with Excerpt


Turn up the heat with the scandalous final installment in the Filthy Rich Billionaires trilogy by USA TODAY bestselling author Caitlin Crews. This independent woman has found her match…and she can’t get enough!

Rory Morton has thrown away her wealthy parents’ expectations to make her own way in the world—she has no time for societal rules or arrogant rich folk. So when she meets her new billionaire boss, Conrad Vanderburg, nobody is more surprised than her by the irresistible chemistry between them.

Rory is a challenging employee at the best of times—but as soon as she and Conrad give in to the intense attraction between them, she becomes tantalizingly submissive and desperate to please. Try as she might, Rory can’t keep her hands off him, and soon she doesn’t want to.

It doesn’t take long for Rory to realize her wild desire for Conrad is more than just physical. His raw hunger for her makes her yield to him completely, yet their electrifying encounters leave her feeling empowered by her own surrender. But can Rory trust him with her heart as well as her body?

Harlequin DARE publishes sexy romances featuring powerful alpha males and bold, fearless heroines exploring their deepest fantasies. 

Rory Morton knew perfectly well she wasn’t supposed to be in this room of the extraordinarily posh Parisian private home she was meant to be cleaning. The many bedrooms, studies, and other public areas were to be dusted and carefully made even more beautiful than they already were. The kitchen was to sparkle, the bathrooms were to be left immaculate, and all the glass, chrome, and marble was to shine. The office—visible behind glass and neat as a pin—was not to be disturbed. The garage was not to be entered. The grounds on this parcel of land in the Golden Triangle, located in Paris’s upscale 8th Arrondissement, were tended to by a different service and should be left alone—unless, of course, Rory noted some cause for concern.

And the locked door on the second floor was to be read as a KEEP OUT sign and obeyed.

It had all been clearly laid out in the pages upon pages of instructions she’d received from the fussy assistant of whoever owned this surprisingly large property set down in the middle of the city that she’d been hired to clean.

Rory had come to Paris because it was Paris, which should have been reason enough. She liked to say it just like that and stare at whoever asked as if there could be no other possible answer.

But another layer to that truth was that she’d become deeply bored with her life, all of which had been lived in and around Nashville. She’d grown up in Nashville. She’d gone to college in Nashville. She loved Nashville—but Rory wanted to see more of the world than Tennessee.

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This was just an okay read for me. I didn’t feel a connection to either of the characters and I didn’t feel the chemistry I look for in these types of books, this did have a good story though so it did hold my interest.

Conrad has a cleaning service care for his home but has always kept one room locked with specific instructions that no one is to enter that room at any time. Rory is the one that cleans Conrad's home and has always been curious about what was behind the locked door so when she found it unlocked one day she went inside even knowing she wasn't supposed to. No surprise there, lol, anyway what she finds is a shocker because she has never seen anything like it before she has only read about it.....

Conrad has been stung before so he doesn’t do relationships and Rory has never dipped her toes into BDSM. But when Rory stumbles upon Conrad’s dungeon while cleaning his home he’s determined to teach her a lesson, one that she won't soon forget.

This was a quick read that had some very steamy scenes. If you enjoy intro to BDSM stories or Boss/Employee Romances I would recommend this book to you. This is book three in the series but can be read as a standalone which is the way I read it. 

Happy Reading!!


USA Today bestselling, RITA-nominated, and critically-acclaimed author Caitlin Crews has written more than ninety-five books – and counting. She’s won fans with her Harlequin Presents, Harlequin Dare, and contemporary cowboy books as well as the romance, women’s fiction, chick lit, and work-for-hire young adult novels she writes as Megan Crane. She loves contemporary romance in all its forms, from cowboys to military heroes and beyond – including her take on futuristic Vikings, outlaw bikers, and fairy tale princes. She has a Masters and Ph.D. in English Literature, has taught creative writing classes in places like UCLA Extension’s prestigious Writers’ Program, and is always available to give workshops (or her opinion). She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her comic book artist husband, though, at any given time, she is likely to either be huddled in a coffee shop somewhere or off traveling the world. Preferably both.

Author website: https://www.caitlincrews.com/
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