Tuesday, June 2, 2020

My Ex's Baby (Crescent Cove #8) by Taryn Quinn ~ Book Review

Okay, so he wasn’t actually my ex.

August is my best friend’s older brother, and he just went with me to Macy and Gideon’s wedding. You know, friends with no benefits.

Then we ended up having sex at said wedding.

At the reception, not during the actual ceremony. Hello, I have some manners.

We agreed to not do it again. Until I thought I was pregnant. And instead of being upset, I was happy.

Except I wasn’t. Pregnant, that is.

Then I drunk dialed August and asked him to make a baby with me.

On purpose.

I wanted to take it back. To die of shame.

But the next thing I knew, he was at my door...

Author’s note: The hero doesn't start out as a single father, but practice makes perfect. My Ex’s Baby is a standalone romantic comedy with a HEA ending and no cliffhanger.

It's a New Years Eve wedding for Macy and Gideon and it seems as if all of Crescent Cove is in attendance including the little ones....and you know weddings are a great place for a hookup, right?!?!

August and Kinleigh are friends or at least they're friendly because Kinleigh and August's sister Ivy are best friends and have been for years. Kin is considered a honorary member of the Beck family they are so close, so it's only natural that she would have some feelings towards August but those are not brotherly feelings, nope not at all.

Taryn Elliott and Cari Quinn do a fabulous job with bringing these two out of the "friend zone" and into the "I wanna jump your bones zone" this story was very hot because we all know practice makes perfect so when at first you don't succeed, try, try again and again and again. ;) But it was also an emotional read because of Kin's past....

Here's a disclaimer that should be put on a sign when you enter the town: 
Unless you're looking to get pregnant don't drink the water in Crescent Cove.
Seriously though either the women are pregnant, have just had a baby, or are trying to get pregnant....there has to be something in the water because none of the men seem all that freaked out about it ether. 

This was a great addition to the series but it can be read as a standalone, which I can attest to because I've been jumping around in the series and missed a couple of books here and there. So if you enjoy the best friends sibling troupe or just a hot and steamy contemporary romance I would recommend this book to you.

Happy Reading!!!

 About the Author:

USA Today Bestselling author, Taryn Quinn, is the redheaded stepchild of USA Today bestselling authors Taryn Elliott & Cari Quinn. We have been writing together for a lifetime – wait, no it's really been only a handful of years, but we have a lot of fun. Sometimes we write stories that don’t quite fit into our regular catalog.
Do you like shorter and dirtier reads? 
Anything goes with this penname. 
  • Sexy—check. 
  • Erotic—check. 
  • Sweet—usually mixed in with the sexy…so, yeah—check. 
  • RomCom—check. 
  • Dark—oh, yeah…check.  
  • Paranormal—check.
Did we mention that we like all the genres? 
So, c’mon in. Light some candles, pour a glass of wine…maybe even put on some sexy music. 

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