Monday, May 25, 2020

Hidden Gem (Harrison County Gems #1) by Jennifer Kayne ~ Book Review

Title -                          Hidden Gem 

Author -                  Jennifer Kayne 

Release Date -    May 17th 2020

Genre -                      Dark, New Adult Romance

Cover Designer -  Dark City Designs



The last thing Officer Max St. Stevens expects when he responds to an armed robbery at a grocery store is meeting the woman of his dreams. Now, he needs to figure out what she’s hiding and how to convince her that she belongs with him.

For over five years Opal and her younger sister, Pearl, have been on the run, hiding from the dangerous people who wish them harm. Everything in their lives is a lie, and they need help, but don’t know how to get it. One night, Opal meets Max when the grocery store she’s working is robbed. There’s an instant connection that can’t be denied. Will she trust him with her secrets that could destroy more than just her?

Author's Note :

This is a dark new adult romance and is intended for readers 18 and up due to sensitive content, that some may find difficult to read. Please be aware, this book does contain sexual assault, as well as psychological and physical violence. Reader discretion is advised.

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Jennifer Kayne's debut book was a good read that I enjoyed, it had lots of suspense as well as great character build up. I am always thrilled to find new authors especially ones that have so much potential. I was asked if I would like to read an ARC (Advanced Readers Copy) of this book but since I couldn't commit to the release date I purchased a copy and read the release copy instead of the the ARC. I was surprised about the errors and normally with an ARC I let them go because it's not the final edition but this is the one that I purchased so I was disappointed with them and I believe I would have rated this higher if the errors weren't there. Which is unfortunate because if I was able to read this last week my rating would have easily been four stars. Now putting all of that aside, on to my review.....

Opal and Pearl are sisters in hiding and things don't start off that great for Opal right from the start...or do they? You see Opal is is a cashier at a grocery store that is in the process of being robbed when Officer Max St. Stevens arrives on the scene. I will say that the owner of the store Glo was HYSTERICAL and I absolutely loved her, she is the momma bear of all momma bears. There is an instant connection between Max and Opal and I really enjoyed their romance progression. What I loved more was her sister Pearl. OMG what that poor girl has been through, Opal went through a lot as well but Pearl man she just broke my heart into tiny little pieces.

This was a great start to the series and I will definitely be reading more of it because I see so much potential in the story's that can evolve from this one.

I have read several reviews about this book and they go on to tell you the majority of the story, I won't do that because you need to experience it for yourself but I will tell you that the story has sensitive subject matter that may be triggers for some, ie; domestic violence, emotional and physical abuse, and a vicious rape of a 17 year old

If you enjoy Romantic Suspense or Dark Romance I hope you give this new author a chance by grabbing a copy of this book.

Happy Reading!!!

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