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The Last Real Cowboy (Cold River Ranch #3) by Caitlin Crews ~ Book Review with Author Q&A

In Cold River, sometimes forbidden love is the sweetest of them all...

Perennial good girl Amanda Kittredge knows that her longtime crush on Brady Everett was never really supposed to go anywhere. But when Brady comes home to Cold River during Amanda's first attempt at independence, well, who better to teach her about rebellion than her older brother's bad-boy best friend?

Brady's plans did not include being forced to work the family homestead for a year--and yet, here he is. And, to make matters worse, his best friend's innocent little sister is making a menace of herself in the most grown-up, tempting ways. When Amanda begs Brady to teach her about men, he knows he should refuse. But could Brady's greatest temptation be his salvation?

This is the final book about the Everett Brothers, this is Brady Everett's story if you read either of the previous books this is the brother they call Denver. This book can be read as a standalone as can the other books in the series but I would suggest you read them in order that way you have a better understanding of the family dynamics and how each of the brothers eventually found their own HEAs.

I have to say that the abuse each of the brothers lived through was terrible, dealing with the fact that your mother just up and leaves you is a hard pill to swallow but to know that she left you defenseless against your alcoholic father is downright devastating, and Amos was a mean drunk and these boys felt the brunt of that meanness on a daily basis.

Amanda Kittredge has had a crush on Brady Everett, her brothers best friend, for years but he just like everyone else in town still sees her as a twelve year old kid not as the twenty-two year old woman she is. Well, that all changes when she decides to move out and make some changes in her life.

I loved Amanda and her go get them attitude that finally broke out. She needed to make some changes in her life and she did just that. She was tired of being treated like a little kid and who could blame her, she graduated high school four years earlier and she was still being asked how school was!

If you enjoy cowboy/western romances, romances that have an age gap (there is ten years between Brady and Amanda), or the siblings best friend trope then I would recommend this book to you.

Happy Reading!!!

Nadine Bookaholic: Do you listen to music while writing? Does it influence the flow of the scene you are writing?

Caitlin Crews: I can’t listen to music with words while I’m writing a scene, but I do listen to music at other times to help me brood my way into the characters. I find melancholy songs particularly useful while I’m getting a feel for the emotions at play.
The playlist for this book is here:

NB: When sitting down to write a new book you have a specific outline to follow or does it just flow naturally?

CC: I sit down and start writing toward the vague notion I have in my head… and then when I slow down I think a bit harder about where I’m going. It’s the one step forward, two steps back version of novel-writing!

NB: What do you like to do when you aren't writing?

CC: I taught myself how to knit this past year and I love it! It’s so much fun to make things with my hands. And I’ve started a very deep love affair with yarn…

NB: Name three things on your desk right now.

  1. The ARC (advanced reading copy) for The Last Real Cowboy because it’s so pretty and I like looking at it.
  2. A pin I got last summer at the RWA conference that celebrates the 50 books I’ve written (so far) for Harlequin—most of them Harlequin Presents.
  3. A gorgeous pad from my friends at Tule Publishing that makes all the notes I take feel fancy.

NB: To get to know you a little bit better... do you have a pet or something that is special to you that you could share with us?

CC: I have two rescue mutts who I love dearly. But this summer we rescued a tiny 3.5 week kitten from, literally, the side of the road. She was in bad shape. I wrapped her in my shirt and took her straight to the vet, and to be honest, I didn’t think she’d make it. So I promised her I would take care of her whatever happened and I sang to her the whole way. And now she’s five months old, plump and glossy, happy and fearless, and rules the whole house!

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USA Today bestselling, RITA-nominated, and critically-acclaimed author Caitlin Crews has written more than ninety-five books – and counting. She’s won fans with her Harlequin Presents, Harlequin Dare, and contemporary cowboy books as well as the romance, women’s fiction, chick lit, and work-for-hire young adult novels she writes as Megan Crane. She loves contemporary romance in all its forms, from cowboys to military heroes and beyond – including her take on futuristic Vikings, outlaw bikers, and fairy tale princes. She has a Masters and Ph.D. in English Literature, has taught creative writing classes in places like UCLA Extension’s prestigious Writers’ Program, and is always available to give workshops (or her opinion). She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her comic book artist husband, though, at any given time, she is likely to either be huddled in a coffee shop somewhere or off traveling the world. Preferably both.

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