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Siren Reborn (Texas Sirens #8) by Lexi Blake writing as Sophie Oak ~ Book Review with Excerpt

Siren Reborn, the next sizzling addition in the Texas Siren Series, from New York Times bestselling author Lexi Blake writing as Sophie Oak, is available now!

Cole Roberts and Mason Scott loved each other since childhood, but they needed something more to make them whole. They searched for a woman who could complete them, but a terrible accident tore them apart. Their perfect life shattered, they were each left angry and alone.
Kitten Taylor’s past is filled with heartache. She yearns to be part of a family she can call her own. When Cole takes her in, she hopes to finally find the place she belongs, but quickly realizes something is wrong. There is a chasm between them and every day it seems to get worse. When they are alone together, she can sense the wonderful bond they could share, but they can’t seem to find a way to connect.
Everything changes when Kitten meets Mason for the first time. She instantly feels a connection and realizes how perfect their lives could be if Mason and Cole could look beyond the past.
When a killer puts the trio in their crosshairs, Cole and Mason will have to put aside the betrayal and hurt they allowed to consume them in order to forge a future with the woman they love.
Re-released in a second edition. Re-edited but no substantial changes.

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For the last three weeks or so I have been binge reading this series and kept asking myself how on earth did I miss these books the first time they were released? The only conclusion was that I must have been living under a rock at the time because these books are defiantly the type of books I enjoy reading, especially this one. I had been anticipating Kitten's book since she was first introduced several books earlier.  There is plenty of BDSM, Menage, and all types of play in this book but there is more then just that, we have a mystery/suspense going on, a second chance at love, and a woman who is reclaiming herself after being brutally abused....which is the part that I loved the most.

Cole and Mason have a past which we get a peek into during the prologue. There was a deep love for one another until tragedy struck and Cole was at a loss on what to do so he cut all ties with Mason, I swear only a few pages into the story and I knew something wasn't right and my heart absolutely broke for Mason.  

Kitten lived a very sheltered life until she was kidnapped from a party she had attended while at college. While being held she was raped and abused and broken and since her escape/rescue she has been living with her cousin Finn and his partners Julian and Dani and introduced to the loving and consensual part of BDSM not the so called BDSM that her captor had been training her to endure, which I wouldn't call BDSM at all.

After years of therapy and play (no sex) everyone is in agreement that it's time for Kitten to find a Master to call her own, this is when she meets Cole but something is missing and she doesn't know quite what it is until she meets Mason. The chemistry is great between all three. 

This series and especially this story is easy for me to recommend. If you enjoy BDSM or Menage stories that have some mystery and suspense to them then I would highly recommend them to you. Each book can be read as a standalone but I would suggest reading them in the order they have been released to get the full effect of each book because some of the couples do carry through, especially in this book. If you have audible I would recommend listening to the audiobook because the narrators did a wonderful job bringing this book to life.

Happy Reading!!!

Kitten found herself smiling as she entered the living room. When Ms. Hamilton had told her the police were here to talk to Mason, she’d gotten scared. Police tended to mean someone was in serious trouble, and perhaps Mason was, but this was a friendly face. “Darin!”
Darin Craig was married to her friend Tara. He was also a Dom at The Club. A tall, well-built man, Darin gave her a grin before opening his arms to her. He was athletic, with dark hair and warm brown eyes. “How’s our Kitty Cat?”
After the pressure of the day, it was good to see someone she knew. She walked into his hug, wrapping her arms around his neck and accepting the needed affection. The thing she missed most about The Club were the hugs and touches and handholding with friends. “I am well, Master Darin.”
“Darin.” Cole’s voice sounded positively arctic as he walked into the room.
“Wow, I thought she was your sub, Cole. I didn’t know she belonged to Detective Craig.” Mason’s voice wasn’t exactly warm, either. “Have the rules of The Club changed, then? Is Julian allowing Doms to manhandle someone else’s sub?”
Darin slowly released her, an apologetic expression on his face. He took a step back, holding his hands up as though in surrender. “Sorry about that. Kitty Cat is just a friend.”
“Kitten or Katherine is preferred,” Cole said between gritted teeth.
“Her name is a term of affection. You don’t need to come up with your own.” Mason stood beside Cole, both men frowning Darin’s way.
She’d done something wrong again. “Master Darin is only a friend. He’s my friend’s husband. There’s nothing going on between us.”
Cole stopped glaring at Darin and seemed at a loss for what to say. “Sweetheart, I wasn’t trying to say something about you.”
Mason’s expression softened. “What the Master is trying to say is he knows how sweet you are. He became jealous when he saw you in another man’s arms. You’re gorgeous, honey. You have to expect that men will get possessive.”
He was a charmer. She knew exactly what he was doing and still couldn’t help the smile that crossed her face.
“Mason is right. I was jealous. You rarely hug me with such enthusiasm,” Cole said.
Master Cole wanted hugs? He seemed so distant that she held herself apart, but what if he simply wasn’t sure how to ask for what he needed? Doms were merely men. Kitten gave him her most brilliant smile and basically tackled him. If her Master needed affection, she would be the one to give it to him.
Cole’s big arms wound around her, and she felt him sigh as he lifted her up. He was so big. Her feet didn’t touch the floor, but she loved how secure she felt with him when he touched her. It was only when they were apart that she worried. Cole rubbed their cheeks together. “I am sorry I scared you before, love. I don’t ever want you to be afraid of me.”
“No, Sir. I won’t be afraid.” She was still smiling as he lowered her down. She turned to Mason. He was a man who needed hugs, too, but she worried that her Master wouldn’t like it.
Cole chuckled. “Go on, then. I’ll simply have to deal with the fact that you’re an affectionate thing. Hug away.”
She gave Mason a gentler hug, well aware he was still not feeling well. When she was done, she placed herself between them, enjoying how the two big men surrounded her. “Master Darin, were you attempting to begin an inappropriate affair with me? Because I have to warn you, I promised Tara I wouldn’t sleep with you when she wasn’t around.”
Tara and Darin were always joking about their crazy sex life. They loved it when their friends joined in. Not for the sex, but for the laughter.
Darin let loose a laugh. “I will remember that in the future, Kitty Ca, uhm, Kitten.” He sobered. “I didn’t come here to see you. I came to talk to Mason. You left the hospital before I got there. I was surprised to find out you were at Cole’s.”
Darin knew Mason. That was interesting. Darin and Tara had been playing at The Club for the entirety of their marriage. Ten years. They had likely been friendly with Cole when Mason had been his submissive.
Tara was getting a phone call later because she was utterly fascinated with the men and why they had broken up.
And maybe, just maybe, she could tell Kitten how she could get them back together.
She hadn’t missed how the two men had looked at each other. Yes, there had been suspicion and anger in their gazes, but there had been such a spark, and Master Cole was already softening up and it had everything to do with Mason. Mason had walked in the door and suddenly the house seemed warmer, more filled with emotion.

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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Lexi Blake lives in North Texas with her husband, three kids, and the laziest rescue dog in the world. She began writing at a young age, concentrating on plays and journalism. It wasn’t until she started writing romance that she found success. She likes to find humor in the strangest places. Lexi believes in happy endings no matter how odd the couple, threesome or foursome may seem.

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