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FALCON (Trinity Academy #1) by Michelle Heard
Release Date: September 2nd
Genre: New Adult College Romance
Cover Designer: Sybil Wilson, PopKitty Design
Photographer: Wander Aguiar Photography
Models: Andrew, Forest and David

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Wealth and power make them untouchable.
The monarchs of Trinity Academy.

Falcon Reyes.
With a sharp, intelligent look, he reeks of arrogance wrapped in an icy layer of indifference.
A life of luxury has left him with the notion that everything is attainable.
Power. Wealth. Status.
He’s a god and I a mere mortal.
He’s Jupiter, and I am Mercury.
There’s so much power in this man.
He has the kind of influence most people can’t even begin to imagine.
And me… I’m an eighteen-year-old girl who managed to make him lose control.
I’m the girl who showed him there’s a kaleidoscope of colors outside the high walls of his black and white world.

Please note:
This is Book 1 in The Trinity Academy Series.
All 3 books are interconnected, and some plots are carried over to the next 2 books in this series.

Michelle Heard is a new to me author, I know she has written under a different pen name but I haven't read any of those books either, although a few of them are on my TBR shelf so going into this book I didn't know what to expect other than to hopefully loose myself in a good story...and that is just what I did. I really liked all of the characters although some of them came off a bit childish it wasn't a deterrent it actually made me like their character a little less which I am sure was the idea of it all because of how their story line plays out.

FALCON is the first book in the Trinity Academy Series and this trilogy must be read in order because the three stories overlap one another. In this story we have Falcon Reyes who is use to getting everything he wants because of who his family is, and we have Layla who is a breath of fresh air or a colorful rainbow...seriously this girl is down to earth and doesn't let the fact that Falcon have money make her fawn over him and I love it! Layla is the daughter of Falcon's fathers Secretary and Mr. Reyes has gifted the luxury of studying at Trinity Academy to her.

This was a great start to the trilogy, I am really looking forward to Mason and Lake's stories as well. Falcon, Mason, and Lake are all decedents of the founding fathers of Trinity Academy their bond is deeper than if they were brothers and it's great to see how these three men are always there for one another no matter what.

If you are looking for a NEW ADULT ROMANCE that will heat up your kindle while warming your heart look no further, grab a copy of Falcon now!

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“You have to pull away. I’m not strong enough to let you go,” he whispers, and it feels as if the words carry a deeper meaning.
I lower my legs and squeeze myself out from the space between Falcon and the wall. With a trembling hand, I try to straighten my hair before I open the door. Blocking the inside of my suite with my body, I say, “I’m going to have to miss today’s class. Can you take notes for me?”
A slow smile spreads over Kingsley’s face. “Sure. We can exchange notes later, although I bet yours will be much more interesting than mine.”
I stick my tongue out at her, which only makes her laugh as she walks away. “Enjoy it.”
I shake my head as I close the door and turning around, I lean back against it.
Falcon is still standing exactly where I left him, bracing himself with hands against the wall. I let my eyes glide over the wide expanse of his back, his trim waist, perfect butt, and strong legs.
There’s so much power in this man.
Not only is he physically strong, but he has the kind of influence most people can’t even begin to imagine.
And me… I’m an eighteen-year-old girl who managed to make him lose control.

About the Author:

Author preciously published as Michelle Horst

Michelle Heard is a Bestselling Romance Author who loves creating stories her readers can get lost in. She might have a slight obsession with alpha heroes who are not afraid to fight for their women.

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