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Cards of Love: Knight of Wands

by Claudia Burgoa is LIVE!


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About Cards of Love: Knight of Wands

A chance for a sweet future, or a recipe for disaster?


My dream was to cook my way to fame and fortune, not run myself ragged keeping my late parents’ quaint Savannah restaurant afloat. My sister is useless, I’m chronically short-staffed, and even Gertie, my antiquated oven, hates me.

Then in charges Oliver, like a Golden Knight. He’s hunky and charming and makes others feel at ease. He’s earnest and kind, optimistic and extroverted. My best friend. My sister’s ex. Picking up the slack like he never left all those years ago. Making my body shiver with the lightest touch, the slightest smile. It would be so easy to let him be my knight in shining armor. But I can’t let him, even though he makes Gertie purr like a kitten.


I practically grew up waiting tables alongside KitKat. She’s a brilliant chef, but it’s clear she’s no manager. I’ve noticed other changes in her since her letters stopped coming to me in Iraq. There’s fire burning in her green eyes—and pain.

The kiss was meant to comfort. But it explodes into searing passion so white-hot, not even the tallest, iciest sweet tea can quench it. I shouldn’t try. She doesn’t want help, especially not mine. But a kiss like that is the beginning of a promise. A promise that won’t stop until I help her find her dream.

If you have been following my reviews you will know I am a fan of Claudia Burgoa's, her writing has a way of pulling several different emotions out of me whether it's tears or laughter or just a grunt of frustration, she definitely knows how to invoke a response, and this story had me all over the place. 

I loved Oliver,  he has returned home after serving his country for twelve years and is at a loss as to what to do next with his life so he is going to take time and fix up his mothers house while he figures things out. One thing he didn't figure into his equation was running into his best friend Kaitlynn whom he hasn't heard from in a few years. Kaitlynn, for me was a harder person to fall for but she definitely won me over in the end. Kaitlynn had so much going on in her life and I could totally understand where she was coming from at times but at others she lost me and I think that is why I had a bit of a disconnect with her at the beginning. 

The beginning of this story was told through a series of letters back and forth between the two and it let you into their world with the little snip-its of their lives, Oliver's while he was in Iraq and Kaitlynn's while she was in college and then perusing her dreams afterwards...until they just stopped. The chemistry was spot on and honestly with heat like that I didn't understand why Oliver was with Kelsey at all...she was her own brand of crazy that he didn't deserve, he and Kaitlynn should have always been together.

This is an easy book to recommend to readers of romance. It's the first book in the Cards of Love Series that I have read and although each of the books are written to be read as a standalone I am really looking forward to reading each of the books by various writers, it's a wonderful collaboration.  Happy Reading!!!


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About the Author

Claudia is an award-winning, international bestselling author. She lives in Colorado working for a small IT company, managing her household filled with three confused dogs, two daughters wrought with fandoms and a son who thinks he’s the boss of the house. And a wonderful husband who shares her love for all things geek. To survive she works continually to find purpose for the voices flitting through her head, plus she consumes high quantities of chocolate to keep the last threads of sanity intact.

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