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Rock Revenge (Rock Revenge Trilogy #1) 

by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott

A stranger with my face. My voice. My name.

Simon Kagan is on tour overseas with his band Oblivion when he sees his mirror image singing on a TV talent competition.

A man who’s trying to capitalize on his fame and everything he’s built.

Not if Simon has anything to say about it. But first, he has to find the bastard…

Too many secrets.

Margo Kagan is hiding one of her own. And the timing couldn’t be worse, since no one knows why Simon’s supposed brother picked now to show up.

Family reunion? Or something far more sinister…

A debt repaid.

Ian Kagan is sick of living in the shadows. The dirty secret. The time has come for him to take his place in the limelight, and he’ll do whatever it takes to end up where he rightfully belongs. Stardom was never part of the unholy agreement he made, but he won’t back down now.

No matter who gets hurt.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Meet Ian Kagan, our new rockstar anti-hero in the introduction to our super hot, romantic suspense trilogy, Rock Revenge. The trilogy occurs in the Oblivion world though it can be read on its own. Rock Revenge 1 is a 38K novella with a cliffhanger. The story continues in Rock Reclaimed 2 and concludes with a HEA in Rock Redemption 3.


Rock Revenge 1 is book 1 in the Rock Revenge rockstar romantic suspense trilogy. Our other rockstar series are also set in the Oblivion world.

Series Reading Order

Rock Revenge Trilogy
Rock Revenge 1 (Aug 13, 2018)
Rock Reclaimed 2 (Oct 8, 2018)
Rock Redemption 3 (Nov 5, 2018)

Lost in Oblivion
Seduced (prequel)
Rock, Rattle and Roll

LIO Holiday Stories
Merry Oblivion

Found in Oblivion
Bedded Bliss
Triple Trouble
Dirty Duet
Lost Lyric
Perfect Pitch
Raw Rhythm
Finding Forever


WOW, what a way to start off a new series by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott. If you have read the Lost in Oblivion Series you will remember Simon Kagan, because lets face it Simon is really really hard to forget, well this book is about his BROTHER! A brother he didn't even know he had!!!!! Yes folks I give you Ian Kagan who is very much like his heartthrob brother Simon.

Lost in Oblivion is on Tour in London, Simon is back to singing after recovering from some major medical issues (I wont go into more detail because then that will spoil things if you haven't read about it yet) and Margo is right by his side. This trip to London reveals a lot of secrets some more surprising than others but I hope in the long run they are all good ones.

I loved the cliffhanger ending and cannot wait to see what happens with Ian next. Will Simon open his arms and welcome his long lost brother, only time will tell. I for one hope they work things out but if this first book was any indication on what will happen it will be a long road for the two of them.

I highly recommend this book to anyone that has read and enjoyed the Lost In Oblivion series. If you enjoy a good Rockstar Romance I would give this series a go as well.  Happy Reading!!!!


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