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Memento Mori 

(Masters & Mercenaries: The Forgotten #1) 

by Lexi Blake

Six men with no memories of the past

One leader with no hope for the future

A man without a past

Jax woke up in a lab, his memories erased, and his mind reprogrammed to serve a mad woman’s will. After being liberated from his prison, he pledged himself to the only thing he truly knows—his team. Six men who lost everything they were. They must make certain no one else gets their hands on the drugs that stole their lives, all while hiding from every intelligence organization on the planet. The trail has led him to an unforgiving mountainside and a beautiful wilderness expert who may be his only hope of finding the truth.

A woman with a bright future

River Lee knows her way around the Colorado wilderness. She’s finally found a home in a place called Bliss after years lost in darkness. The nature guide prefers to show her clients the beauty found in the land, but she also knows the secrets the mountains hold. When she meets Jax, something about the troubled man calls to her. She agrees to lead him to the site of an abandoned government facility hidden deep in the forest. She never dreamed she was stepping into the middle of a battlefield.

A love that could heal a broken soul

Spending time with River, Jax discovers a peace he’s never known. Their passion unlocks a side of himself he didn’t even know he was missing. When an old enemy makes his first move, Jax and River find themselves fighting for their lives. But when his past is revealed, will River be caught in the crosshairs of a global conspiracy?


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Memento Mori is the first book in Lexi Blake's newest series, Masters & Mercenaries: The Forgotten, if you haven't read the original series you're fine because this spin-off can be read on its own and if you have read it you're in for a treat. The Forgotten, I think this is a horrible term for the six men desperate to regain their memories because they aren't Forgotten just their memories are. They are also referred to as the "Lost Boys" which makes a little more sense to me because even they are grown men their minds have been erased of vital memories so there are a lot of new experiences for them to navigate around. For instance, Jax is like a young teenager with his first crush when he meets River, he knows he wants her but is hesitant because he is unsure on how is supposed to act. I found this rather refreshing, here we have a hunk of a man that could kill a person with his bare hands but he turns into a self conscious boy when he's near River at the beginning. I think this is one of the reasons I totally fell for Jax.

River has been through so much in the last year and a half, her father became very ill and she was his only care taker, her husband left her and wiped out her both her personal and business bank accounts....lets just say things have been rough. Then she meets Jax, and this is where I really began to understand everything that she had been through. Let me explain, no matter how pretty you think someone is if they have been wronged it tears them down and if they have been wronged enough it can break them. Brooke might be a beautiful woman but because of everything she had been through with her ex she doesn't believe  Jax truly wants her, she thinks that may be it just a game, or that he got stuck with her because his brother wanted Heather, or a million other reasons because why would a guy that looks like Jax be interested in her. I know some of you will think this is bull and she's just playing him but believe me, that shit is real you can really do harm to a persons self esteem by verbally degrading them on a daily basis. 

OK, enough of that...I enjoyed Jax and River's story and I look forward to reading about the other Lost Boys. There are one or two that I am looking forward to more than others but I will be reading them all that's for sure. If you have read Nights in Bliss, Colorado Series you'll be in for a treat as some of the townsfolk make their way into this book. I recommend this book to anyone that has read Lexi Blake's work before and if you haven't this is a great place to start. Happy Reading!!!

“This place is beautiful,” he said when she hesitated.

She nodded but didn’t move from her seat. “I love it here. I went to college in Denver, but I always missed this place. When I was younger, my dad had a house in Creede. He started the business there, but when he could, he moved us out of town. My dad was a loner, I suppose. Creede has a population of four hundred and Dad thought that was way too many people.”

“I know the feeling. I lived in London for a while. That was definitely too many people.” He kept his tone even. It was odd. Now that he was here, that hunger he always felt was tempered by her fear. He’d thought he would take anything offered to him, but he couldn’t having met her. If the blonde had offered herself up, he would have turned her down. Over the two hours they’d sat in the booth, eating fried food and drinking beer, he’d figured something out. Some people were more special than others. River was special. He should be more cynical. He could hear Damon Knight telling him to be cautious, but he couldn’t make himself do it. Perhaps it was the fact that he didn’t have a long well of history to draw from and to teach him that this was likely a mistake.

It didn’t feel like a mistake.

“Wow. I’ve never been farther than Kansas City.” She still wasn’t moving and her voice had taken on a tremulous tone.

His heart constricted, and it was surprisingly easy to not listen to his dick. His dick was pleading with him to get aggressive. His dick was trying to convince him that if he could get inside her, she would accept him.

Yeah, he wasn’t going to listen to his dick.

“If you’ve changed your mind, I can call my brother to pick me up. I have a phone and so does he. His number is programmed in. I don’t want to scare you. I had a good time talking to you tonight. It was one of the nicest nights I’ve had in a long time.” Ever. It was the best night ever. It was the first night he felt normal, though he wasn’t exactly sure what that word meant. Comfortable was a better one. That tight feeling in his chest had eased as he’d sat in the booth with River and Tucker and Heather.

Although he’d hated lying to her.

She finally turned, looking at him. Her eyes shone in the moonlight. “You mean that, don’t you?”

He wanted to touch her. He’d had to force his hands not to move toward her all night long. The most he’d allowed himself was to have their hips and shoulders touch as they’d sat next to each other. He’d decided it had been a good thing he’d sat next to her because he was fairly certain he had a case of Big Tag’s crazy eyes, and she would have seen them had he sat across from her.

“I do mean it. Please don’t get me wrong. I want you. I would like nothing more in the world than to take you into that cabin, lay you out, and make a feast of you. I want to kiss you and when I say that I don’t merely mean your lips. I want to put my mouth all over your body. But more than I want that, I want you to like me.” It was important somehow. He wouldn’t see her after tonight, but he couldn’t stand the idea that she was afraid of him.

Everyone was afraid of him. Everyone he knew was waiting for his powder keg to blow, but he’d sworn to himself earlier in the evening that it wouldn’t blow around her. He would protect her even if it was only for one night.

About the Author:

NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Lexi Blake lives in North Texas with her husband, three kids, and the laziest rescue dog int eh world. She began writing at a young age, concentrating on plays and journalism. It wasn’t until she started writing romance and urban fantasy that she found the stories of her heart. She likes to find humor in the strangest places and believes in happy endings no matter how odd the couple, threesome, or foursome may seem.


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