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Today we have the blog tour for OUTLAW RIDE by Sarah Hawthorne! Check it out and grab your copy today!

Title: Outlaw Ride

Author: Sarah Hawthorne

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Outlaw Ride:

A recovering gambler

Hard-living biker Clint Remmick is fiercely loyal to the boys of the Demon Horde motorcycle club. He’s worked hard to redeem himself, and there’s no risk he won’t take to help his brothers, even when rivals threaten their safety. When his grandmother’s health takes a turn for the worse, though, he moves out of the clubhouse to take care of her. With his duties for the MC, he knows he can’t do it alone, so he hires Jo, a live-in nurse.

He didn’t expect her to heal him, as well.

A dedicated nurse

Jo Smith enjoys working for sweet old Anne Remmick, and she’s especially intrigued by her tattooed bad-boy grandson. Clint's tough exterior scares her a little, but she feels a pull toward the sexy biker. Soon she’s dying to close the distance between them.

A losing bet

When Clint and his brothers have to pull a dangerous job in Reno, Jo is the perfect cover. With enemies around every corner, Clint needs to focus on keeping her safe—not the lust simmering between them. But when Clint is trapped by a rival club, Jo will have to save him…and their relationship.

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This story started out with opening my eyes to something I didn't think we had to worry about any longer....racism. Yes I know that there are still some bigots but the way Jo held herself back because she wasn't sure how someone would take to her being black or even part black really took me by surprise. It can be because I live in a large city, that is considered a melting pot of all ethnic backgrounds or it can be that I just want to see the good in people, but regardless the reason I really hope for a time that everyone is able to be judged on their actions and not the color of their skin, the god they pray to, or even their social class. Until that time I will continue to live my life with rose colored glasses and see the good in people.

Now back to my review:
Outlaw Ride is  a great addition to the Demon Horde series, this story not only adds dimension to the MC but it also shows the softer side of the men, well on in particular...Clint.
Clint is trying to make amends for the trouble he caused during his gambling addiction not only with his Brothers but also with his nana whom he owes so much to. His plans with the MC are simple he wants to prove himself and what better way to do that then to start up a new legal business for the MC to profit from, of course there will be one tiny bit of illegal activity going on but that will bring in even more money to the MC so all is good. As far as making amends with his nana, he takes her in so that she can be closer to the hospital where she needs to have her dialysis treatments done, which means finding a place for them to live and hire an in home health care provider.

Jo has never felt wanted in the world she was part black and part white so she didn't feel that she fit in with either group which I found extremely sad. But I have to say that I really appreciated the fact that when Jo had her hesitations about going somewhere with Clint that he took the time to address her fears and didn't push them off as inconsequential.

The attraction between Clint and Jo was instant and there really was no denying that but since Clint was Jo's boss she refused to get involved with him because of things went bad she would be out of a job and a home. So if you think they are going to fall into bed right away you are sooooo wrong, it took a lot for them to get to that point and even once they did there was some second guessing going on.

As you know there is always some angst in romance novels but the angst level here was really held to a minimum, the main focus was on Clint and Jo finding their way to one another and how to make it withstand all of the obstacles.

Outlaw Ride  is the third book in the Demon Horde series but can be read as a standalone. I highly recommend reading the series in order though because you will want to know all the previous couples stories so when they pop up in this book you have a better knowledge of their background.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

“What’s going to go bad?” I rinsed the soapy pan.

“I can’t tell you,” he said. Clint put his index finger on my shoulder and ran it down my arm. Tingles began to fire all over my body, and I shivered. Was this some sort of seduction? If it was, would I allow myself to fall into his trap?


“Oh.” I couldn’t think of anything else to say. His finger was running back up the length of my arm now. “Is this the first time you’ve ever had to do something like this?”

“No,” he whispered against the back of my neck. He was standing behind me now, and I could feel his body heat. “I’m just more scared this time around.”

He was scared? I tried to catch his gaze in the window behind the sink, but he ducked his head behind me. He placed both hands on my lower back and began to knead. This was bad, so bad. I wanted him too much and he was confessing his fears to me. Just like you would do if you loved someone.

“Tell me what you’re afraid of.” I whispered, leaning back against him. He felt dangerously good.

“I’m afraid of not coming home,” he murmured. He slid his hands over my belly and pressed me against him. Through my thin cotton panties, I could feel him, hard inside his jeans. I started to grind against him. “I’m afraid of not seeing you again.”

“You don’t see me now,” I whispered. I meant for it to come out as a bitter condemnation, but his hands slid up over my breasts and I could barely breathe.

He took one of my nipples between his fingers and pinched it. I gasped.

“I need you, Jo,” he growled. I tried to turn, but he held me in place. “I know I don’t deserve it.” His voice was rough, as though he dragged it across gravel. His other hand slid down, between my legs. “Come to bed with me. Just this, tonight.”

I was already wet. I wanted him, he knew I wanted him. There was no point in denying it. But he was so raw, I had to find some way to distance myself and try not to fall in love with him. If I went back to his bedroom, the intimacy would doom me.

“Here,” I demanded, rubbing my ass against his dick. “Here in the kitchen. Do you have a condom?”

“Yes, but I want to taste you first.” He began sliding my cotton panties down my legs. “Why don’t you sit up on the counter?”

“No.” I squeezed my eyes shut, picturing it. It had been one of our favorite things. Clint’s face would be buried in me and he’d look up. We’d share my orgasm together. Just like our last time together.

My breath started to come in short bursts. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t let him be that close.

“No, from behind. Right now.”

He froze. I knew he was hurting and this wasn’t exactly what he wanted. He wanted that connection, those emotions that we used to share, but I couldn’t leave myself open to his hurt again. I waited for him to tell me no. Would he choose all or nothing? Or just take what I was offering?

    About the Author:

Sarah Hawthorne lives in the Pacific Northwest where she drinks too much coffee, plans a lot of vacations and writes romance novels. Her native habitats include her garden and the local library. Please visit her website,, for upcoming books, contests, freebies, and more!  

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