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Love, Always and Forever (Sergeant Joe's Boys #3) by Alexis Morgan (Review)

Love, Always and Forever

(Sergeant Joe's Boys #3)
by Alexis Morgan

Sergeant Joe's Boys are back! Bestselling author Alexis Morgan delivers a tender and inspiring novel about Mikhail, a battle-scarred firefighter, and the sensitive young woman who slips inside the walls around his heart.

As a child, Mikhail Wanjek couldn't save his drug-addled mother; as a young man, he left a promising military career because he couldn't defend the innocent victims of war. When Mikhail's feeling like a failure, not even the love of his adoptive parents and loyal brothers can console him. But after he volunteers to help his beautiful brunette neighbor install a fence around her yard, Mikhail begins to heal. He wants to shield her pure, unabashed lust for life from the darkness-including his own.

Successful heart surgery has allowed Amy Short to finally set out on her own, apart from her loving but overprotective family. Now she's experiencing new thrills with the chiseled fireman next door, from riding on the back of Mikhail's Harley to late nights full of passion. Still, he refuses to open up emotionally, and with Amy's history, she's not willing to wait around for Mikhail to change. What she needs to do is show him that together they can build something that will last forever.

If you have read Always for You: Jack (Sergeant Joe's Boys, #1), or, Always Be True: Tino (Sergeant Joe's Boys, #2) you know that Joe and Marlene started out as foster parents and then later on the adopted the three boys they were fostering. Joe has passed away and all three of his boys are at the point in their lives that change is inevitable and nothing would make Marlene happier than seeing her three boys settle down and start families of their own. Mikhail is the last of Sergeant Joe's Boys to get his HEA, and his is the story I was waiting for because Mikhail was the brother that we didn't get to see much of in the first two books so he was a bit of a mystery.

I LOVED Mikhail and Amy together! Sorry, I had to get that out first. Amy was a delight, she was a strong female character that made me root for her every step of the way. She has moved away from her overbearing family and is starting a new life for herself, and the first thing on her list has her seeking out her neighbor.

Amy and Mikhail do not rush into an insta-love relationship, there is a friendship that lays underneath their attraction. I enjoyed this slow build to their relationship it was refreshing to see that not everyone is looking to hookup just for the sake of getting their rocks off. It wasn't because Amy was a virgin, shoot Mikhail didn't even know that for a while, it was about two people that have had trouble lives wanting to do what was right for them by taking things slow because if it didn't go any further than a friendship I bet they would be ok with that too.

I'm thrilled that this will not be the last book in the series even though the three boys have had their stories, the journey continues.....

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