Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Rescuing Regina by Lee Savino (Review)

Rescuing Regina
by Lee Savino

New from USA Today best selling author - Lee Savino.

A woman on the wrong side of the law. The sheriff who demands her submission. Regina doesn’t want to steal, but after losing her job, she has no other way to pay the bills. Her crime spree ends when she’s caught by Cole Townsend, the local sheriff. He’s hot, he’s dominant, he’s decided to claim her, and he won’t tolerate anything but her perfect obedience.

After delivering a harsh spanking, Cole gives Regina an ultimatum: Submit to him or go to jail.

This book did not disappoint at all! If you have read any of Lee Savino's books you know they are HOT and this one throws in the domestic discipline element which brought it to a whole new level.

Cole finds Regina in some hot water again and takes her back to his place and give her the ultimatum that will change both of their lives forever.

I loved the chemistry between the two, you could definitely tell that there was a deep attraction on both sides long before this encounter. Domestic discipline isn't a topic that everyone enjoys but I can say that this book was tastefully done and I didn't feel like there was any lines being crossed towards abuse.

This is currently a standalone but I would love for Lee Savino to continue this theme as a series of books.

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