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Playing For Love (A MFM Ménage Romance Collection) by Tara Crescent (Review)

Playing For Love 

(A MFM Ménage Romance Collection)

by Tara Crescent

This is another great series by Tara Crescent. I absolutely devour her books, they have a way of grabbing you from the first page and not letting go until the very last. Each of these books are steamy so make sure you have a glass of ice water nearby.

Betting on Bailey (Playing For Love #1) by Tara Crescent

A billionaire businessman. A bad-boy celebrity chef. A curvy woman. Sometimes, good things come in threes.

Bailey Moore is not in the mood for love…

She just needs to learn to play pool in a hurry. Out of spite, her loser ex-boyfriend has saddled her with a rent bill she cannot afford, and Bailey’s not going to take it lying down. She’s going to hit him where it hurts, by beating him at his favorite game, in front of all his friends.

Now, she needs to join a pool league, find someone to coach her and get really good in a hurry. Perhaps her hot new teammates Daniel and Sebastian could be persuaded to help…

Sebastian Ardalan is too busy for love…

His restaurant has earned a prestigious award, and the offers are pouring in - cookbooks, TV shows, franchise deals and more. His focus should be on his career, but Sebastian can’t stop thinking about the curvy redhead who has just joined his pool team...

Daniel Hartman cannot afford love…

He’s shared women with Sebastian before, but there’s something special about Bailey. Before he knows it, he’s rashly bet fifty thousand dollars that Bailey will win a crucial pool game…

However, Daniel is negotiating a deal that’s vital to his company. If the sexy ménage becomes public news, all hell will break loose…

When the stakes have never been higher, can the three of them bet on each other and take a chance on true love?

Note: Betting on Bailey is a stand-alone ménage novel (mfm) and part of the Playing For Love series. It is full of steamy scenes featuring a billionaire businessman, a bad-boy chef and a curvy redhead. Intended for mature audiences only.

This is the beginning of another great series by Tara Crescent. Bailey has a boyfriend that talks down to her and makes fun of her curvy figure, why she's with him is beyond me but luckily she breaks up with him pretty quickly at the beginning of the book (but it was an eleven month relationship). Now Bailey is out for revenge :) and why not hit him where it will hurt. Trevor plays pool on a team so this gives Bailey the idea of joining a team and hopefully she learns to play well enough that she can beat him in a pool tournament. Now that brings us to one very sexy chef and an even sexier billionaire. Sebastian and Daniel play on the pool team that Bailey joins and its lust at first sight!

Daniel, Sebastian and Bailey are all workaholics and they don't have much time for anything else much less a relationship, but hey a little fun never killed anyone. It starts off with the men teaching Bailey how to play pool and then it gets, better, and better, and better. I loved this book, it was longer then most of the books that Tara Crescent normally writes and I couldn't have been more thrilled because it allowed for the for the relationship to grow more naturally instead of feeling rushed.

Gambling with Gabriella (Playing for Love #2) by Tara Crescent

One desperate poker game, two knights in shining armor.

Gabriella Alves is in a bind.

She doesn't gamble with her career and she doesn't gamble with her heart, but she can't resist the draw of a good game. In one foolhardy night of underground poker, she's managed to lose almost a hundred thousand dollars - money she does not have. Now, she's in Atlantic City, trying to win enough to cover her debt.

Carter Hughes is desperate with worry.

His nephew Noah has just been kidnapped by his deadbeat father, and Carter fears for the child's well-being. When Gabriella, who played the starring role in an unforgettable threesome five months ago, appears in the casino he works in, he doesn't need the distraction her presence provides, but he can't resist her allure.

Dominic Crawford can't forget the past.

Ever since the death of his first love, his heart has been frozen. The threesome with Gabriella and his best friend Carter started a thaw, but in the morning, Gabriella had disappeared. When she reappears in his life, will her presence be able to finally heal an old wound?

When the stakes have never been higher, can these three wounded souls gamble to find true love?

Note: Gambling with Gabriella is a stand-alone ménage novel (mfm) in the Playing For Love series. It is full of steamy scenes featuring a billionaire businessman, a muscled bodyguard and a curvy woman who is afraid to gamble with her heart. Intended for mature audiences only.

This was a great read. I love Tara Crescent books, she has a way of pulling you in and not letting you go until the last page - and sometimes it sticks with you long after you finish. In this story Gabriella, Carter and Dominic have a chance encounter five months after their one night stand. Cater's nephew is kidnapped by his father and Gabby needs $100,000 to pay off an illegal poker room gambling debt, can they help each other with everything that is going on and have some fun as well, yes, yes they can. Reading this book will cause a spike in your body temperature, so keep some ice nearby.

Playing With Piper (Playing for Love #3) by Tara Crescent

They're fixing her restaurant. Can she fix their hearts?

Piper Jackson wants to make a play for her two hot partners...

Piper’s restaurant is failing, and her conservative Southern family still won’t stop interfering in her life. And if they find out she’s contemplating a threesome with the two men who are saving her restaurant, all hell will break loose...

Owen Lamb has been playing a role his entire life...

After his parents were brutally murdered in a gang war, Owen changed his appearance and fled the country. He’s lived in peace and quiet for many years, but now, an old enemy has resurfaced. Everyone Owen cares for is at risk. Especially Piper…

Wyatt Lawless has played into his blackmailer’s hands...

For twenty years, Wyatt has kept a secret that has the potential to destroy his life. Now, the truth is about to be revealed, and everything Wyatt has built is about to come crumbling down. Unless he can trust Owen and Piper…

When the stakes have never been higher, can the three of them trust each other and make a play for love?

Note: Playing with Piper is a stand-alone ménage novel (mfm) and part of the Playing For Love series. Intended for mature audiences only.

Piper has been under a lot of pressure since she inherited her Aunt's restaurant, she has a waitress that is constantly chewing gum (so not professional at all) and a cook that is drunk most nights. There was a stipulation in the will that said she cannot fire the current employees unless she is able to pay them their yearly salary as a severance package, since she is struggling there is no way she can afford to fire them or even hire new employees.  In walk Owen Lamb and Wyatt Lawless, friends of Sebastian Ardalan, after some negotiations they decide to invest in Pipers restaurant and help her out but they have a few issues that Piper will have to agree to.

The attraction was there at the start but it took a while for Piper to go with her gut and give in to her fantasies. As with the rest of the books in this series, Piper, Owen, and Wyatt begin their journey into a triad relationship. They each have reasons for not wanting this to become serious but those reason are soon tossed out the window when each of them come to terms with their past. I am a big fan of Tara Crescent's books and this one has lived up to everything I have come to expect with her books, there is a LOT of sexy scenes and a great story line.

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